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9 Spiritual Meanings of a Bird Hit a Window and Still Alive

Bird Hit Window and Still Alive Spiritual Meaning: 9 Superstitions

Aside from making you jump, it’s never a pleasant experience to hear and/or see a bird flying into the window or door.

Have you ever wondered about the spiritual connotations of such a scenario, however?

Birds are known to pass along messages in several cultures, and they’re well-known creatures in mythology from around the world.

If you’ve ever wondered about the ‘bird hit window and still alive’ spiritual meaning, I’ve got the answer. (And it’s not all bad news!)

What Does It Mean When A Bird Flies Into Your Window?

Little bird in window

There are several things to take into account when attempting to figure out the spiritual meaning behind a bird flying into your window.

The species or kind of bird can alter the symbolism, as can the outcome of the accident.

It could just be the case that you have super clean windows!

If you don’t know what the species of the bird is, the creature could symbolize a warning.

It could also mean a sudden influx of money.

If you can clearly see that the bird is a mockingbird, however, the symbol could be related to your creative side, or being overly arrogant or cocky.

The bigger picture is what will unlock the secret meaning – and hopefully that’s something I can help you with today.

Spiritual Meaning Of A Bird Pecking At The Window

Bird pecking in window

You could take this spiritual symbol as literally as it appears: the universe (or a spirit) is trying to get your attention.

Pecking at the window is no different from knocking on the front door.

Knock, knock, knock, is anyone home?

In Ancient Roman times, birds were seen as messengers, sending humans mail from the gods and beyond. Someone or something has a message for you.

Are you listening? Maybe you’ve been missing the signs the universe has been sending you.

That bird pecking at your window could be a nudge-nudge.

It’s time to start opening your eyes, your mind, and your heart.

Spiritual Meaning When A Bird Hit A Window And Still Alive

Bird looking through your window

As previously mentioned, there are many different meanings and interpretations behind birds flying and crashing into windows.

Let’s take a look at them and work out which one applies to you.

1) Are You Banging Your Head Against the Wall?

Do you keep doing the same thing over and over again, without a different outcome? Does it always leave you feeling very unhappy or unsatisfied?

If it feels like you’re banging your head against the proverbial brick wall, maybe you are.

A quote, often wrongly attributed to Albert Einstein says:

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Nothing changes if nothing changes. So… perhaps it’s time to make that change?

2) Increasing Your Social Circle

If the bird flying into your window is a friendly one, trying to befriend you rather than any negative actions, it could be a sign that you are about to make a new friend, or increase your social circle in other ways.

The new bird friend in your life literally could indicate an impending new human friend, too.

Flipping this one around a little, a bird (or birds) flying into your window, or hanging around outside your window, in a friendly manner could be a sign that you have recently made new friend.

If you believe this to be the case, give yourself a pat on the back.

The universe is giving you a sign: you’re in the right place, at the right time, doing the right things. Keep being friendly and social!

3) You’re Unaligned

If your emotional, physical, and spiritual selves aren’t lining up, a bird might crash into your window, loudly, as a way to tell you.

The bird has found itself unaligned and confused. The window is like a nasty trick; it looks transparent, but it isn’t.

If your actions don’t meet up with your words, or your inner selves aren’t quite lining up, the world might feel a little out of sync.

Birds might fly into your window.

People might fall over right in front of you.

You might even fall up or down the stairs yourself, despite walking up and down them a thousand times before.

4) Flying Away Unscathed is a Good Omen

The health and state of the bird itself can give you an indication of whether the spiritual message will be a positive/good one.

A healthy, good-condition bird flying into your window is a good omen, but a shabby, unkempt, scruffy-looking bird is usually considered a bad one.

If a bird flies into your window and manages to fly off, relatively unscathed, without visible injuries, perhaps you should look at the message or sign as a positive one.

Read the meaning of a pigeon coming into your house.

5) Something is About to Change

Birds in general are often symbolically linked to big life transitions and changes, such as moving home, starting a family, a change in relationship status, emigrating, and more.

The change doesn’t need to be a really big one, such as moving to another country; but it does feel somewhat ‘big’ to you.

For me, a big change would be something quite minor, such as being able to go to the supermarket during the day without feeling a crippling level of anxiety.

It’s not a big change in terms of physical change, but in terms of emotional and mental terms, it’s huge.

Read the meaning of seeing a vulture.

9 Superstitions About Birds Flying Into Your Window

9 Superstitions About Birds Flying Into Your Window

The same bird can mean two very different things to different civilizations or cultures, which can make translating a symbolic meaning rather difficult.

Why don’t we take a closer look at some of the beliefs and superstitions about birds flying into your window?

1) Sparrows and Death

Sparrows are an incredibly common bird found almost everywhere around the world these days. (Apart from the really cold parts.)

They’re also the focal point of a superstition that is rife in the United Kingdom and other European countries.

When a sparrow flies into a home, it is considered incredibly bad luck. In fact, it is said to be a symbol of coming death.

If a sparrow flies into your window and NOT actually inside your home, perhaps you should consider it a close call. It could’ve been worse.

2) Black Birds and Trouble

If the bird flying or crashing into your window is a black bird, trouble might be afoot.

This bird is linked to feelings of despair, depression and anxiety, and your utmost fears.

These symbolic meanings could be retrospective just as much as they can be introspective.

A black bird pecking or crashing into your window could mean that you have recently gone through a patch of depression and despair, just as much as it could mean that depression and despair is soon to come.

I know I say this quite a lot, but you need to take the bigger picture into account – how the situation made you feel, what emotions rushed through you when you saw the bird, the feelings you had when it flew away, and other things going on in your life, as well as many others.

3) Owls and Wisdom

Owls are seen as creatures of wisdom.

The Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena, has an array of major symbols, but one of the most commonly known is the wise and knowing owl.

If an owl flies into your window, you should spend a moment to just appreciate what has happened.

It is quite rare for this to happen.

Some people can go their whole entire lives without ever seeing a single owl.

If that’s the case with you, and one then flies into your window, you’re seeing something out of the ordinary and should definitely take notice.

If seeing the owl makes you feel positive, it could be an indication that wisdom is coming your way, and it’ll likely be a good thing.

Perhaps you’ll finish a course at work and get a decent pay rise.

If seeing the owl doesn’t make you feel positive, however, it might be a message from the universe that ill health is going to be in your future.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get ill; a close family member or loved one could face trouble times with their health.

4) Hummingbirds and Good Things

Hummingbirds are incredibly rare creatures to see, and even rarer to get close to.

If one of these beautiful birds starts pecking on or crashing into your window, it could very well be a sign that good things are coming your way.

The bird is often seen as a very good omen.

On the downside, if the hummingbird becomes injured as it flies around or into your window, you might be facing troubling times ahead.

An injured hummingbird is considered to be a bad omen. (You could always nurse it back to full health, though!)

5) Ravens and Relationship Strife

Ravens are symbolic in several different cultures and civilizations.

The Greek god of prophecy, Apollo, was linked to the jet-black bird.

The old myth goes, Apollo thought his significant other (Coronis) was being unfaithful, so he sent a white raven to essentially act as a fly on the wall.

Coronis had, indeed, been unfaithful to Apollo, which is just what the raven reported back.

Never has there been a better case for ‘don’t shoot the messenger,’ because Apollo was so angry about the news that he literally burned the bird with his fury.

The white raven became jet black, as if burned with soot.

If a raven just so happens to fly into your window and then fly away, perhaps there’s some love strife afoot.

This doesn’t necessary mean cheating; the cheating is metaphorical for a failing relationship.

6) Swallows and Safe Journeys

Once upon a time, sailors would have swallows tattooed on them because the bird was believed to keep them safe and bring them good luck on the open seas.

These days, there are many more ways to travel than just via ship, so seeing or dreaming of a swallow crashing into your window could be a sign that the journey ahead will be troublesome.

If the swallow manages to fly away unscathed, the journey is likely to have a good outcome, despite the slight literal bump along the way.

7) Doves and Eternal Love

Doves are seen as a sign of peace and love in many cultures and countries, so seeing one crash into your window, or having one hanging around your home, could be a sign that love is about to enter your life.

It is wise to remember that not all spiritual symbols can be taken quite so literally, though.

Peace and love don’t need to mean loving someone else; it can also mean learning how to love yourself.

Do you need to start doing more of that?

8) Eagles and Freedom

Eagles are well known to represent freedom, so an eagle crashing into a window seems to be a pretty sign that you might be feeling trapped or suffocated.

  • Is your relationship leaving you unhappy and trapped?
  • Are you lost in your job and desperate for a change?
  • Do you feel trapped and stuck in a house full of people, with no way to find peace and freedom for yourself?

9) Birds and Spirit Animals

In some cultures, a person can have an animal spirit. If that animal spirit is a bird, of any kind, the person is believed to be a cultured and creative one, full of expression and passion.

  • How do you feel about the bird that flew into your window?
  • Do you feel close to it somehow?
  • As though you have some kind of connection with it?
  • Could it be the case that you’re looking at your spirit animal up-close and personal?

Maybe the bird is reflecting your creative dreams.

The crashing into the window could be symbolic of feeling as though your creative needs are being stifled.

(My spirit animal would absolutely be clumsy enough to crash into a glass window!)

Are Birds Flying Into Windows A Bad Omen?

Two birds in a window

Birds are usually regarded as a positive spiritual symbol, but that isn’t always the case.

The bird in question can change the meaning of the sign from positive to negative, or vice versa.

The overall circumstances, not just in the moment but also in your life, should also be taken into account.

Should I Be Concerned Spiritually?

Cute little bird

Do you feel concerned? If you do, that’s a good thing.

It means your spiritual self is picking up on the signs that the universe is sending to you.

It’s a bit like the check-engine light in the car.

It indicates that something isn’t right, so you can then fix it.

Final Words

The bird flying into your window, door, etc., could be the check-engine light, but for your life.

The sign is bad if you ignore it.

If you heed the warning and change your path, the bad thing is likely to not happen. 

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