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Candle Flame Too High Spiritual Meaning: 7 Reasons

Candle Flame Too High Spiritual Meaning: 7 Reasons

If you are like me, then you would have spent a considerable amount of time staring at the candle flame.

I first did this when I was a child and marveled at how the flame seemed to be moving and becoming different at certain times

I found this weird then, but now that I am an adult, I can still understand my fascination then with the flames.

But this fascination has evolved since I am now applying what I know about the spiritual world and my fascination for candle flames.

And in this article, I would like to share and discuss the spiritual meaning of:

  • High jumping flame;
  • High steady flame;
  • High red flame;
  • Very strong flame;
  • Too high flame.

Let’s start?!?

Spiritual Meaning of Candle Flame Too High

Spiritual Meaning of Candle Flame Too High

High jumping flame spiritual meaning:

I was most entertained by a high-jumping flame as a kid. To me, a high flame that jumps was just too much of a visual delight. 

Nowadays, I ponder on its spiritual message, which is to reconnect with others.

For many people, their busy lives and day-to-day routines consume much of their time.

They tend to do the following:

  • Have a long list of things to do;
  • Spend most of their time ticking off this list;
  • Barely have time to rest;
  • Rushing from one appointment to another;
  • Focus on getting the work done, forgetting everything else.

This means these individuals no longer make time to reconnect with friends and family.

When they come across a high-jumping flame, they should take the message that they must make the time to reconnect with others.

High steady flame spiritual meaning:

You must have seen it and wondered at one time if the candle flame was too high.

But what many do not know is the underlying spiritual meaning of the candle flame being too high.

When you see this kind of description, take it as a sign from the heavens that you need to aim higher.

For many of us, we have been given so many talents and skills but we do not put them to good use.

We are content in having them but do not work hard to achieve higher goals with whatever is given to us talent-wise and skill-wise.

The too-high flame should prompt you to reassess your goals and make them higher.

High and very strong flame spiritual meaning:

When you see a high and very strong flame, this is because the universe is telling you to put your strength to good use.

Being strong is good and you must appreciate it. However, you also need to be mindful of how you use this strength.

For example, you may be blessed with a good physique, which means you are also physically strong.

But you use this physical strength in fighting as you like being in a brawl and throwing punches at opponents

You may also be emotionally strong that you don’t really care about what others say to the point that you have become arrogant.

What was intended to be a strong character trait then becomes a negative attitude.

The universe is then telling you via a high and extremely strong flame to use your strength wisely and properly.

High red flame spiritual meaning:

Sometimes, the red flame is so high and so vivid on your candles.

While this is quite visually appealing, do remember that there is also strong spiritual meaning to this kind of flame. That is to be careful with your heart.

Many of us give our heart and trust so easily.

Sadly, the recipients of our love are not always deserving of what we have to offer. 

These people may not have pure intentions or are simply out to use us. Sometimes, we also mistake thinking that they love us in return, only to realize that they do not feel the same as we do for them.

Loving others is a very good thing as the bible commands us to love one another.

But we also have to be careful of whom we love, which is why the heavens send us spiritual signs such as a high red flame.

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Why is My Candle Flame so High and Flickering?

Flickering candle flame

You may also notice that the candle flame is so high and flickering at the same time.

When you see this, then take a spiritual message from the ones above.

The message is simple: anything you have can be taken away in the blink of an eye.

This is much like the candle and its high and flickering flame. Anytime, the flame can be extinguished.

This is a reminder from the heavens to spend time on what is truly important. To not waste time, talents, skill, and attention for the not so important things.

Anything can change in an instant and anything that we have can be taken away quickly. We must then make use of what we have on earth smartly.

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7 Spiritual Reasons Why Your Candle Flame is Too High

Very high candle flame

1) Be the light

Many are suffering from hardships silently and for some, these struggles just seem to be overwhelming.

When you see a candle with a flame that is too high then think of how you can be a light for others.

You can be of help to those who are in the dark either because they are already feeling lost and don’t know what to do. 

You can be the light for others by being there for them in times of need.

2) You are being watched

Many people tend to think that they can do anything they want especially when they know no one is watching.

This is the tendency to do not-so-good things knowing that they won’t be caught.

What they fail to realize is that we are always being watched.

The high candle flame carries the spiritual message that the ones above are watching over us all the time.

The heavens are trying to remind you that they are watching.

The candle flame being too high is the spiritual world’s way of reminding us to do good all the time. And that eyes are watching every move even when we think no one is watching.

3) Failure is part of life

The candle has a very high flame because we are being reminded that failure is part of life.

Think of the candle and how many times the flame has gone out. Even though the flame accidentally was put out, we continue lighting it so that we can keep using it. 

This is pretty much like life and failures. No matter how much we trip or fail, we keep going.

Our failures should not stop us from getting to where we want.

4) Look after others

Many people have limited concern for others. 

They only care for their family and friends, and thus, they neglect the needs of others.

Even if they are in a position to help others, they don’t because they either do not or barely know the person in need of help.

The message of the high candle flame is to go out and look after others’ needs and welfare.

5) Being good has a price

The candle flame many times seems to be of a high height because the universe is telling us a strong message: that being good many times comes with a high price.

You have probably experienced this at one point or another.

That is, doing the right thing is harder than doing the wrong one.

We have been at this crossroads many times when we are being tested and where we have to choose between doing what is good rather than the bad one.

6) Transformation is necessary

Many of us are resistant to change. For some, change can be difficult to handle or deal with

But the high candle flame is a reminder that the heavens want us to transform as needed.

Think of the candle with a high flame.

Without it, everything just seems too dark. But with the flame burning so high, the place is wonderfully transformed.

The flame was necessary to change from darkness into something better.

7) Pain is inevitable but can be shared

When you see a candle with a very high flame, it is because the universe is teaching you a strong lesson, which must be applied soon in life.

The lesson is that pain is part of life

But pain can be bearable if it is shared and so we must look after others and share their pain instead of merely focusing our attention on ourselves.

The high flame is much like that. When the candle with a very high flame is placed in the middle of the room, then everyone benefits from its light.

This is the same when you are looking after those who are in pain.

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Should I Be Concerned?

Burning candle

You should not be concerned when you see a high flame as this is a reminder from the ones above on how to care for others.

Seeing this kind of flame in your candle is not a bad omen but are strong messages to be a better person.

Final Words

The flame in your candle can be one of the most beautiful things you will see.

But they are more than visual pleasures as they carry deep spiritual messages and meaning.

Pay attention to them and see how it applies to you.

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