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Crow Cawing Outside My Window Spiritual Meaning  

Crow Cawing Outside My Window Spiritual Meaning  

Have you been listening to a crow cawing outside your window for what seemed to be a whole eternity?

Well, as weird as it may sound, the universe could be trying to give you a sign!

In this article, we’ll go over everything there is to know about cawing crows and their spiritual significance. 

Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

Spiritual Meaning Of A Crow Cawing Outside My Window

Crow Cawing Outside My Window

First and foremost, understand that a crow will particularly be cawing outside your house for a reason.

Use your intuitive powers and engage your sixth sense to unravel what that reason could be. 

More often than not, the universe could be trying to tell you that there’s danger headed your way and the likelihood of physical or mental damage is quite high. 

It may be a bad car accident or a fierce breakup with your significant other that can scar you big time in the near future. 

At Night:

It is often said that certain birds and animals can pick up on spirit movement and the presence of unseen entities. 

Therefore, if you find a crow cawing outside your window at night, it may have suspected an unhuman aura lingering around.

If the cawing continues in your sleep or is accompanied by gruesome nightmares, you can certainly conclude that the entity poses a threat and you must cast it out of your property as soon as possible

In The Morning:

A crow cawing early in the morning can be a sign of bad luck and a terrible day ahead. 

You may be about to face heartbreak or failure later during the day and the universe is trying to give you a heads-up about it beforehand

Consider it a sign to fasten up your emotional seatbelt and be extra careful because you surely wouldn’t want to make things worse. 

In The Afternoon:

A crow may caw in the afternoon if you’re forgetting something important.

This could be anything from an urgent family gathering to a promise you made to a friend about seeing him/her that day.

For a moment, pause everything that’s going on in your head and try to contemplate what you could be forgetting.

Since the universe is giving you a special reminder, it unquestionably has to be something VERY important.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Hearing Crows Cawing At Night

Hearing Crows Cawing

Apart from sensing the presence of unseen entities, crows might also caw at night to signify discomfort and stress within your heart.

The reasons behind this discomfort could be anything from an excessive workload to a past traumatizing event i.e. the death of a loved one

In such cases, the chances of falling into severe depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders can get pretty high.

So the universe could be trying to tell you that you need to find a way out of this dark hole before things get worse.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Hearing Crows Cawing In The Morning

Crows Cawing In The Morning

Hearing crows cawing in the morning is certainly NOT a good omen

Not only can it hint towards a bad day but also bring bad luck into your life in the long run.

Some symptoms of this bad luck might include losing your job, suffering a big financial loss, breakups, setbacks in your relationship, and just a general drop in motivation to continue growing in life.

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Spiritual Signs Of Hearing A Crow Cawing Outside My Window

Spiritual Signs Of Hearing A Crow Cawing Outside My Window

1) Bad News

A cawing crow can be an omen of bad news

It pre-announces the death of a loved one, incoming danger as well as failure/rejection. 

I.e. If you applied for a scholarship program in your favorite university, hearing a crow cawing constantly outside your window might mean that your attempt will be unsuccessful.

Or, if someone close to you had fallen sick recently, the crow’s cawing could be a sign that they have passed away or are just on the verge of it. 

2) Spiritual Communication

Finding a crow cawing outside your window can mean that the spiritual world wants to connect and communicate with you

However, for it to take place, you must first awaken your intuition and sharpen it to detect subtle spiritual signs and hints; the eyes, ears, and particularly the heart aids in making spiritual communication more effective and fruitful. 

Consider the cawing as a sign to allow yourself to be guided by a wiser external force and genuinely put faith in its ways. 

3) People “Close” To You Actually Dislike You

Although you may think the people you’re surrounded by (i.e. friends, family, relatives) all love you to death, a crow’s visit to your house may suggest otherwise.

More often than not, the crow signifies that you’ve got enemies in disguise who are planning to bring havoc into your life.

They’re unfortunately aware of your secrets and vulnerabilities too which gives them leverage to damage you even more

Consider the crow sighting as a hint to crank up your intuitive powers to recognize these hypocrites surrounding you and detach yourself from them as quickly as possible. 

4) Get Used To Heartbreaks

Heartbreaks…heartbreaks…and…some more heartbreaks; can’t get rid of them, can you?

Well, if you found a black crow sitting on your window sill today, it might mean that destiny holds some more heartbreaks for you in the future

You might get fired from your only job, break up with your lovely girlfriend, lose substantial amounts of money, or have conflicts that disconnect you from your childhood buddy; it’s sad and it gets even sadder, so be prepared for it. 

5) Disheartening & Loss Of Hope

As I mentioned earlier, the crow is spiritually linked with darkness and despair.

So, finding one cawing on your window would surely bring some sort of gloom and desperation into your life.

You might start procrastinating a lot more, feeling drained, burnt out, and not tempted to look into your interests.

Everything will start feeling dull and the optimism/hope of a better tomorrow could also fade away. 

6) Be Careful Of Your Actions – God Is Watching

If you find yourself frequently hurting people or indulging in immoral pursuits, the cawing crow on your window could be a warning signal from God.

He wants you to know that He’s aware of everything; your actions, intentions, and even thoughts!

Do not disappoint him or walk astray from the golden purpose he brought into this world for.

Follow his guidance, treat others with kindness, do righteous deeds, and stay away from evil and everything that leads to it; it’s simple but easily forgettable. 

7) Toxic Relationship

Seeing a crow frequently cawing outside your window can be a hint that your relationship is getting toxic and deleterious for your mental health. 

There may be a lack of communication between you and your partner, constant fights/conflicts, bad disagreements, and a lot of dishonesty that’s seeping into the relationship.

Although putting in effort to fix these issues is sometimes good, dealing with them in the long term can certainly take a toll on your well-being. 

Think of the cawing from the crow as a sign to let go of your current relationship. It may be hard but you’ll eventually realize that it is for the better.

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Is Seeing & Hearing Crows A Bad Luck Sign?

black crow

YES! Both seeing and hearing crows is a bad luck sign as they’re spiritually associated with immorality, wickedness, and even death. 

Their visits can make you revisit your past sins and fall back into the dark hole of guilt and regret.

Moving on from an evil past life becomes even harder when all the negative memories come back to you at once

Additionally, crows can bring trauma and negative occurrences into your future, leading to further stress and burning out of the mind. 

Final words

Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now: hearing a crow caw around your house more than usual could definitely be a spiritual hint

However, it is important to note the exact feelings/sensations you get when you hear the cawing sounds as different people will be sent different spiritual signs. 

Just DO NOT expect any positive changes in your life after the encounter since crows are NOT a good omen.

They bring unwanted negativity, bad luck, and tragedies into your life and are generally considered harbingers of all evil. 

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