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Hearing Bells That Aren’t There Spiritual Meaning: Angels? 

Hearing Bells That Aren’t There Spiritual Meaning: Angels? 

I visited a friend at her home last week. This friend then proudly showed off her new collection: bells. She had them in different sizes and materials.

There were some made from brass, ceramic, and plastic. Some were colorful and unique and others had the classic design. 

She loved the sounds of bells, that’s why she’s collecting them, my friend said. And each bell would sound differently depending on the material used, design, and size, she explained.

But sometimes when she’s not at home, she would hear bells even if there aren’t any

Was it because she is obsessed with the bells that’s why she’s hearing them, she asked.

I told her the heavens may be telling her something important when she’s hearing bells even when there’s none.

I promised her to think deeply about this and write a post about it. 

What Does it Mean When You Hear a Bell Ring Out of Nowhere? 

Hear a Bell Ring

When you hear a bell ring out of nowhere then ask yourself when was the last time you went to church, prayed, or did something to deepen your faith.

Hearing bells out of nowhere is a sign that you must work on deepening your faith.

  • When you hear the bell ring in the morning out of nowhere: then this is a sign from the heavens to start praying more regularly. You may want to start or end your day with prayers;
  • When you hear the bell ring during meal time: then it could be heaven’s way of telling you to say grace before each meal. Show your gratitude to the heavens for always providing you with food;
  • When you hear the bell at night: then the ones above may be reminding you to go to your worship place more regularly. Hearing the bells before bedtime could also mean that you need to read spiritual words and teachings before bed to deepen your faith.

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Spiritual Meaning of Hearing Bells That Aren’t There

Hearing Bells That Aren’t There

When you are hearing bells that are not there, then take this to mean that the supreme being is reminding you of its omnipresence.

It is a warning that the one above knows what you are doing all the time even when you think no one is watching.

If you are committing sins, thinking that no one would know about it, then think twice.

The bells you are hearing which are not there are a reminder that the heavens are watching your every move. You may think that you are getting away with what you are doing but the opposite is true.

If you are tempted to do the wrong thing, then the bells you are hearing are a reminder not to do it.

Instead, choose to do what is right and pleasing to the supreme being.

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Is It Normal to Hearing Bells When Angels Are Near?

little gold bell

Sometimes you would hear bells ringing because some angels are near. But take note that not all the bell rings you hear are due to the presence of an angel nearby.

Likewise, an angel may be near but you won’t have any warning of it. At times, there would be no bells ringing even if there is an angel near you.

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Why Am I Hearing Bells That Aren’t There? 7 Spiritual Reasons

Why Am I Hearing Bells That Aren't There? 7 Spiritual Reasons

1) End of a relationship

When you hear bells when there aren’t any, it could mean the end of a relationship.

It is a warning from the universe that you will soon be hurting due to the end of a relationship.

This end could pertain to your romantic relationship. You and your spouse may soon be filing for a divorce or separation. You may also be breaking up with your partner, boyfriend or girlfriend.

You could also experience the end of a friendship. You may be having a confrontation with a friend and this will end your relationship.

It is also possible that you would be ending a business relationship with a boss, employer, or business partner. 

It is also possible that you will leave your current church and move to a new one, thus ending your friendship with some of the churchmates.

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2) Stunted growth

If you are hearing bells ringing when there are none, then this could be symbolizing your lack of growth in an area of your life.

Perhaps you are in a romantic relationship that is going nowhere. Or you could also be working double hard for a promotion or a recognition for work but your efforts are never recognized.

Likewise, your spiritual growth could also be stagnant.

When you are hearing bells even when there’s no bell around, then reflect on the various aspects of your life.

This could be a reflection of your lack of growth in an area in your life and your need to move forward for your personal and spiritual growth.

Take the time to ask yourself: Are you happy with the progress you are making in your life?

Consider the things you want to do and the kind of person you want to be after hearing the bells ring.

3) A season of change

When bells are ringing even when there are no bells, then take this as a sign of a season filled with changes.

Sometimes, we enter phases of our lives where we experience changes in one or more areas of our lives. This phase will soon happen to you.

he bell sounds you are hearing are warnings that you will undergo or experience changes one after the other soon enough.

You may, for example:

  • Be breaking up with a romantic partner;
  • Changing jobs or relocating to a new place for work;
  • Experiencing the death of a loved one and a birth in the family, one after the other.

Brace yourself as the next few weeks or months will be a period of massive changes.

You are being warned of the changes coming to your life so you can prepare both your heart and mind to receive these changes.

4) A reflection of anxiety

The bells you hear could also be a reflection of your anxiety.

You are likely experiencing major anxiety attacks in the last few days or you are unable to sleep well worrying about various things.

The bells you are hearing are an acknowledgment from the heavens that they are aware of your anxiety.

It is a sign to just keep on praying and soon your anxiety will be eased.

5) A yearning for a deeper connection

Are you feeling lonelier than usual in the last few days? Maybe you have been wanting more company and don’t like being alone lately.

The bells you are hearing are a sign of your need for deep connections.

Maybe you have been alone for quite some time and have no one to share your most intimate feelings. 

The bells you hear are a sign from the heavens that they are well aware of your need for a deeper connection. Try praying then.

6) Small blessings for your family

You may want to rejoice when you hear bells but there aren’t any. This could be a sign that your family will be experiencing small blessings.

You will be happy with these developments as your family will be receiving a shower of blessings. 

Each member of your family may be receiving a small blessing or your family as a whole will be receiving multiple small blessings.

These gifts from heaven will surely put a smile on your face.

7) A new love

You may soon be experiencing new love when you hear bell sounds even when there aren’t any around.

The heavens are letting you know ahead of time that you will be falling in love soon.

It doesn’t have to be a romantic partner. It could be a new baby in the family, a new pet, or even a hobby. Your heart will be full of love in the next few days.

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What Does It Mean When You Hear a Bell Ring in Your House?

someone ringing a bell

When you hear a bell near your house then this is a reminder from the heavens to devote time as a family to your spiritual growth.

This means that you need to pray or go to church as a family. Each member should work on the spiritual growth of the entire household.

Is Hearing Bells That Aren’t There a Bad Spiritual Sign? 

old antique bell

Don’t worry if you are hearing bells when there aren’t any.

This isn’t always a bad spiritual sign but some are merely spiritual reminders of how to live a good life.

Should I Be Concerned Spiritually? 

bells lined up

Yes, you should be concerned spiritually.

This could be a sign of heaven’s displeasure at your actions or encouraging messages when you are feeling down.

Final Words

When you are hearing bells ringing but there isn’t any around.

Don’t worry as this could be heaven’s way of telling you some good or bad news or even simple reminders to help you lead a spiritually fulfilling life.

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