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Is a Blue Jay a Sign From Heaven? 7 Angel Messages

Is a Blue Jay a Sign From Heaven? 7 Angel Messages

Blue jay in all its magnificent qualities can be sent to us from the spiritual world. I believe this is one of the most spiritual birds in the entire universe.

Its blend of colors, amazing personality traits, and energetic frequency make it a suitable spiritual messenger from the heavens

However, there has been quite a conundrum concerning the link between blue jay birds and angels!

Some people believe that the blue jay bird could be a sign from angels while others believe this is not true. 

To end the debate, I feel it is important to share my experience with Blue Jay. Doing this will provide the necessary answers you need about this question

Therefore, read this article to discover the spiritual and angel messages of blue jays

Is a Blue Jay a sign from heaven?

Blue Jay

Yes, a blue jay is a sign from heaven

As we discussed earlier, this bird is unique and special. Identifying it as a heavenly sign won’t be a problem. 

I experienced this some months ago!

After losing my grandfather in a tragic accident, I was distraught. I shared an unbreakable bond with him, and it felt like a huge chunk of my life had just been taken out. 

One afternoon, I suddenly found a blue jay sitting on my window frame. It felt like the heavens came down into my room

Firstly, everywhere was lit up by the reflection of this bird’s shadow. Afterwards, I started feeling positive about myself and was hopeful about my life.

Ever since I have not stopped believing that this bird is a heavenly sign. 

The next time you see a blue jay – especially in auspicious situations and seasons of your life, it is a spiritual sign from the heavens.

Pay attention to hear what it is trying to say to you.

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Do Blue Jays appear when Angels are near?

Blue Jays appear

Yes, blue jays appear when angels are near

The angelic realm feels comfortable using winged creatures as their anchored creatures. This is because birds have similar structures to angels.

The energy of birds is friendly to angels, and they can be easily possessed by angelic beings. 

Therefore, if you suddenly find a group of blue jay birds around you, it could be an indication that some angelic beings are near

Prepare to receive them into your home (not physically, but spiritually). 

When angels come around, one of the spiritual messages they bring is protection. Biblically, angels are seen as divine messengers sent to protect God’s children. 

This is why the angel signs from blue jay birds could signify divine protection from negative energy, bad luck, and misfortune. 

The presence of these angelic birds also emits positivity. When they announce the presence of angels, it is a sign of positivity.

The activity of these angels around you eliminates negative energy like depression, anxiety, or sleeplessness. 

Therefore, ensure you do all in your power to take note of this auspicious sign. Whenever you find more than 4 blue jays around, they are an indication of angelic beings.

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Is seeing a Blue Jay a sign from my Guardian Angel?

Blue Jay on tree

Yes, seeing a blue jay is a sign from your guardian angel

According to research, angels can manifest themselves through many things. 

Your angel guide could create an awareness of its presence through heightened intuition. Once you notice an upsurge in your intuitive activities, it’s a psychic connection between you and your angel. 

Additionally, through birds like blue jays, you can tell that your guardian angel has come around

Has a blue jay shed its feathers for you before?

If yes, then, you have actually seen your guardian angel (in the form of the blue jay). This benevolent act of the bird means that your angel is offering support to you in your difficult moments. 

Be open to getting divine messages from your guardian angel through Blue Jays. This could also be an opportunity to say some words of prayer.

The reason is that angels are believed to represent God’s messengers. 

Although they deliver messages to men, they can also take our prayers to the heavens. 

Therefore, saying some words of prayer is one of the best ways to cash in on the angel experience.

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7 Signs from the heavens that Blue Jays want to convey to you

7 Signs from the heavens that Blue Jays want to convey to you

Whenever you see a blue jay around you, this spiritually represents a messenger from the heavens. 

This bird was sent to convey a message to you, which we will discuss in this article.

Do you want to know what the blue jay is trying to reveal to you?

Then, what you are about to read is beneficial. These 7 signs are possible heavenly messages you are getting from this angelic visitor. 

Read on to find out more. 

1) Courage

The courageous personality of a blue jay makes it the best creature to be used by the heavens.

In the moment of fear and uncertainty, sighting a blue jay means you need to embrace courage over fear

Spiritually, whenever you find this bird around you, it means that the heavens are encouraging you not to entertain fear in your heart.

This bird wants you to remain positive at all times and be courageous enough to take bold steps.

Through the blue jay sign, the universe reveals that you are not alone in the fight. The heavens want you to have faith in yourself.

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2) Be grateful for what you have

Sometimes, we can get so carried away by the things we want that we forget what we have. 

One of the ways to get a heavenly reminder is through the appearance of blue jay birds around us. 

The moment you find these birds staring at you, they are a heavenly sign of gratitude.

Your guardian angel is telling you to practice thankfulness for what you have. Doing this makes you positive, and releases fresh insight into your mind

Rather than complain and stay in the negativity zone, stay positive by being grateful at all times

3) Something good is about to happen

Spiritually, it is believed that seeing a blue jay in the morning is a positive sign.

This bird represents good luck and abundance. It means that something good will happen to you during the day. 

Additionally, if you dream of seeing a blue jay in your home, it is a heavenly sign that you are going to hit a lucky fortune soon. 

Through this unique heavenly sign, your mind will find rest, hope, comfort, and reassurance

The moment you get the blue jay sign, start preparing to welcome the miracle fortune. 

4) Spiritual Sensitivity

Sometimes, the presence of these birds was meant to create a spiritual awareness in your mind

Therefore, if you find blue jays around you, they are a heavenly sign of spiritual awareness and sensitivity.

Through them, the spiritual world encourages you to pay attention to your spiritual self

5) Let go of hurts

One of the common spiritual signs from blue jay birds is forgiveness. Its blue feathers represent the loving nature of God. 

This is why Christianity believes the bird to be a heavenly sign of forgiveness.

When you see this bird around you (especially during a hurtful or betrayal moment), it speaks of letting go of the hurts done towards you. 

If you hold on to those hurts, your emotional and mental stability will be adversely affected. 

Therefore, embrace this unique spiritual message from the blue jay today. 

Forgive those who hurt you and embrace true freedom of mind to move on with your life. 

6) Be careful of who to trust

At night, the sight of a blue jay bird is a heavenly sign of being alert and sensitive.

The moment you find this bird staring at you at night, it is telling you to be careful of who to trust with sensitive information about yourself. 

Also, this omen warns you against exposing your vulnerabilities. Keep these to yourself for protection

Paying attention to this heavenly sign saves you from betrayal or emotional hurts

7) The spirit of your lost loved one is around

Commonly, birds are seen as representatives of the spirits of dead people

Therefore, seeing one around you could symbolize a visit from one of your lost loved ones. 

This is not a negative sign

The spirit of the dead came around to offer hope, protection, blessings, and reassurance

Embrace this visit and open yourself up to the energy it releases. 

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Should I pay attention to Blue Jays?

blue jay eating

Yes, you should pay attention to blue jays

Their unique symbolism makes them one of the most spiritual birds in the world. It is important to not lose this rare opportunity of being visited by blue jays. 

The angelic presence they bring could also be an amazing way to begin or end your day

Additionally, seeing blue jays around you offers encouragement and hope. 

Therefore, paying attention to them is important. 

Final Words

I believe the question has been answered by this article! Blue jays are a sign from heaven

Henceforth, whenever you find them flocking around you, search deeply to get the spiritual significance of their visit. 

Through these birds, you can unlock your inner creativity, experience transformation, and enjoy good fortune. 

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