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2 and 3 Blue Jays Spiritual Meaning: 9 Amazing Messages

2 and 3 Blue Jays Spiritual Meaning: 9 Amazing Messages

Today I will talk about the spiritual meaning of seeing 2, 3, or even 4 blue jays together. Let’s start?

Blue Jay is a sight to behold. Its magic blue color is a visual delight while the many sounds it produces makes this bird even more endearing.

I loved seeing Blue Jays when I visited friends and some family in eastern North America. 

Back then I was in awe of its blue color until I was told that the feathers are not actually blue.

I was surprised to know that the pigment in this bird’s feather is actually brown but simply comes off as blue.

But that’s enough trivia. Recently, I came across a Blue Jay once again and wondered whether there are spiritual meanings that can be attached to them.

And much like with other birds or even animals, yes, Blue Jays actually do have their spiritual meanings, which is exactly what this post is all about.

Is It Normal to See 2 or 3 Blue Jays Together?

Two blue jays together

It is perfectly normal to see two, three, or even more Blue Jays together. This is especially true since Blue Jays are very sociable animals.

Be prepared to always see them in pairs, small flocks, or with their family groups.

Fortunately, seeing two of these birds together has a very strong spiritual meaning.

Discover that spiritual meanings below.

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Spiritual Meaning of Seeing 2 Blue Jays

Blue jay

When you see two Blue Jays, take this to mean that the universe wants you to know that quality always matters more than quantity.

You’ve heard this many times. It is not about how many friends you have but what you do with what you have.

We can also take this under the light of friendship.

Remember how we always say that it is better to have few friends as long as they are true ones rather than have many but many of them can’t be trusted?

This is a good example of quality being better than quantity.

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Spiritual Meaning of Seeing 3 Blue Jays

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing 3 Blue Jays

Seeing three Blue Jays together is not unusual either but this doesn’t mean that seeing them in a trio does not have any spiritual meaning.

In fact, seeing 3 Blue Jays all at once carries the message that life always has a beginning, middle, and end and that you should be mindful of this sequence.

Sometimes, we get too impatient and want to know how something all ends, or we are always eager to start again.

When you are feeling this way and you see 3 Blue Jays together, then remember that the universe wants you to trust in the natural order of things.

Do not rush to end something nor should you push for new beginnings all the time.

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Spiritual Meaning of Seeing 4 Blue Jays

Four blue jays together

Four Blue Jays together is also a common sighting just like seeing two or three ones together.

But it does have a different spiritual meaning.

Seeing four Blue Jays carries the spiritual message that life may seem unfair but each person gets what he or she deserves.

Life is actually like a square with four equal sides. In life, it seems one might be suffering more than the other or vice-versa; one has a better life than the other.

But the opposite is true. That is, each person has it fair, each person has his or her share of ups and downs.

These ups and downs may be different but everyone will have a fair share of it.

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9 Spiritual Messages From Seeing Two or Three Blue Jays 

Spiritual meaning From Seeing Two or Three Blue Jays 

1) Don’t judge a book by its cover

We love judging others based on what we see or the superficial. But when you see two or three Blue Jays take the message that judging a book by its cover is a big No.

Remember that Blue Jays actually have brown pigments in their feathers but what we see is blue. This is the same in life.

What we see with our naked eye may not be real or true.

So, the next time we make our decisions, judgment, or thoughts about something, let us remember that things aren’t always what they seem.

2) Keeping quiet is necessary

Blue Jays tend to make more noise during the fall season. This means they are quiet during the summer or spring seasons.

Being silent and keeping your thoughts to yourself isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it is necessary during different circumstances, such as:

  • When there are too many people giving you an opinion;
  • When you are at crossroads;
  • When you are unsure of who to trust.

When you seem to be caught in a bad place and you see two to three Blue Jays, then this is a spiritual message that you need to keep things first to yourself.

Keeping quiet is a good option for now.

3) Keep your circle small

They say that you don’t need to have many many friends in life.

Instead, you can have only a handful and yet have a fuller and better life than those who are out with so many of their so-called friends all the time.

This is the day and age of social media and it seems like many people are hanging out with various circles of friends all the time.

But this doesn’t mean that all these friendships are deep or real.

Heed the message behind two or three Blue Jays together, which is, it is not about the number of friends you have but the kind of friendship you share.

You cannot, after all, maintain a deep friendship with so many people since relationships always work.

4) Letting go is necessary

Blue Jays are migratory birds. And the young ones tend to migrate more than the older ones.

We can make a parallelism in life and with Blue Jays that fly in twos or threes. We need to understand the spiritual message that sometimes we just need to let go of.

We need to fly away and let go of our current circumstances or ideas to grow and live much better lives.

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5) No man is an island

Blue Jays are known for being sociable. This is why you see them with a companion or two.

They can also be hanging out with family groups.

Perhaps you do enjoy the isolation or can be quite selective of the people you hang out with.

That is fine.

But when you see two or three Blue Jays hanging out then take this as a sign from the universe reminding you that no man is an island.

This means that you can live or operate alone. You need other people to experience the different sides of life.

6) Think things through

Are you any of the following:

  • Impulsive;
  • Quick to anger;
  • Makes decisions fast;
  • Indecisive.

When you spot two or three Blue Jays together and you are any or all of the above, then take a message from the heavens above.

The message is that you should think things carefully.

You should not be impulsive, making decisions quickly only to regret them. Neither should you be indecisive, incapable of sticking to a decision.

Keep in mind that Blue Jays are intelligent birds.

So when you see them, take a cue from them and use your head, carefully analyzing things.

No need to be Impulsive in life.

The universe wants you to take things carefully.

7) Be flexible

Blue jays are actually good at adapting to their environment. They may be forest dwellers by nature but they can quickly adapt to other environments.

And this is one of the powerful spiritual messages when you have two or three Blue Jays hanging with each other. 

This is the universe’s way of telling you that to survive the difficult times in life, you have to learn to be adaptable.

You cannot afford to be inflexible or else you cannot survive the challenges the heavens will send your way.

8) Take extra care of the young

They say Blue Jays would eat the nestlings and eggs of other birds

So, when you see two or three Blue Jays together then think of your young ones.

Of course, the BlueJays cannot harm your young but this is also a warning from the universe that others can hurt your little ones.

Take this sighting to mean that we need to pay more attention to the younger members of the family especially since they cannot fend for themselves.

9) Family is important

Did you know that Blue Jays are family oriented? They have tight family bonds that are difficult to break.

And so when you see two or three of them together, this is a strong message from above to place so much importance on our family relationships.

Take stock of how you are with family members and if there is anything you need to do to improve your relationship with them.

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Is Seeing More Than 1 Blue Jay a Good Sign?

1 Blue jay

Yes, it is a good sign to see more than one Blue Jay.

This is because seeing them together offers deep insights or spiritual messages intended to improve your life and relationships.

Generally, when you see more than one Blue Jay, it’s because the universe wants to remind you of important but basic lessons that you may have forgotten.

Final Words

Blue Jays are more than just visually pleasing birds.

In fact, they carry deep spiritual messages and even lessons that will help improve ourselves, our relationships, or lives in general.

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