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Mourning Dove Spiritual Meaning: Are They Good Luck?

Mourning Dove Spiritual Meaning: Are They Good Luck?

Mourning doves have been attributed several spiritual meanings in the past. A lot of people have identified these birds as a bad sign from the heavens. They believe its name represents sadness, misfortune, and ill luck. 

Now, could this be true? 

Does this imply that mourning doves should not be seen around us?

In this article, we will address these questions and many more. 

If you are seeking answers concerning the spiritual meaning of mourning doves, read on to get them. 

I have some amazing pieces of information to share with you. 

Symbolism of a Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove

The symbolism of a mourning dove is peace, just like white doves in spiritual world.

Its cooing sound is believed to be one of the most soothing sounds in the world. Just by paying attention to this sound, your mind can attain a level of peace, which might induce sleep.

Because of this, mourning doves are believed to represent peace of mind.

Are you going through a difficult moment in your life? Well, the presence of a mourning dove around you brings peace. It reminds you to stay calm – even when things seem to be out of your control. 

Just by paying attention to this bird, you will build inner strength to remain unmovable by life’s situations and challenges.

Mourning dove spiritual meaning

Mourning dove spiritual meaning

This bird represents spiritual grounding.

When you find a mourning dove around you, it has come to remind you to stay grounded in the situations around your life. Cultivate the habit of practicing mindfulness. 

Also, a mourning dove spiritually represents the presence of your lost loved one.

Did you recently lose a loved one? 

Then, the sight of a mourning dove around you means that the spirit of your lost loved one has come around to visit you.

Most times, this sign brings comfort, peace, and assurance to grieving hearts. It helps them to accept the reality of what happened. 

Furthermore, the spiritual meaning of a mourning dove points towards the need for development.

Whenever you find this bird around you, it means that the universe wants you to work on yourself.

It is time to read books, spend time discovering who you are, and harness your inner power for transformation. 

The spiritual meaning of seeing a mourning dove at night talks about the end of a season.

This bird reveals that you are nearing the end of a cycle. Start working on your mind to adapt to the transition that’s about to happen. 

Trust me, mourning doves are interesting birds.

When you find them around you, it becomes easy to embrace what nature has to offer.

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Spiritual meaning of seeing a mourning dove

Two mourning doves

In the spiritual world, whenever you see a mourning dove, it means that this sign is meant for you.

At this point, it is important to pay close attention to what the universe is trying to say to you. 

Seeing a mourning dove is similar to seeing an eagle. It reminds you of your inner strength and emotional stability.

Through this sign, you can overcome the urge to react harshly or make hasty conclusions about any matter. 

Additionally, a mourning dove might come into your life as an omen of patience. Whenever it flies into your life, the spiritual world wants you to kick out haste from your life.

Through the mourning dove symbolism, you will learn to trust in divine timing – even as you make efforts to attain great heights in your life. 

Mourning doves are also symbolic of angels. Whenever you see one, it means that your guardian angel is watching over you. This signifies that you are not alone. 

Finally, the spiritual meaning of seeing a mourning dove talks about attention to detail.

This omen inspires people to pay close attention to what goes on around them. 

Spiritual meaning of a mourning dove in your house

Mourning dove in your house

It is really not strange or unusual to find this dove in your house! 

However, when they show up, be open-minded enough to identify this bird as a spiritual sign and omen. 

In the morning, when you see a cooing mourning dove in your house, it is telling you to be disciplined. The dove wants you to delay instant gratification. This bird wants you to put yourself under strict restriction.

Don’t become too comfortable with pleasure. 

Seeing a mourning dove in your house in the morning could be the spark you need to break out of your comfort zone.

This creature was sent by God as an inspiration for you to take bold steps despite the uncertainties around you. 

In the Chinese tradition, a mourning dove in your house signifies long life and good health. Chinese culture believes this bird to be a positive omen of health.

For someone who is sick, the presence of this bird in their home means a speedy recovery process

This bird has a rich spiritual history. Because of this, its spiritual significance cannot be quantified.

Whenever it shows up in your home, welcome it as an important guest, and be open to receiving all it has to offer.

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Spiritual meaning of a mourning dove flying above you

Mourning dove flying

The only way you can see a mourning dove above you is by looking up. 

Now, what does looking up symbolize?

Well, it is a sign of trust in God

Therefore, whenever you see a mourning dove flying above you, it spiritually represents trust in the power and ability of God. 

Through this sign, the universe wants you to reestablish a connection with the spiritual world.

It is time for your spiritual senses to be awakened. 

Additionally, whenever you see a mourning dove flying above your head in the afternoon, it is a sign that you are not alone. This omen reveals that you are under the watchful eyes of the universe. 

It is generally believed to be a good spiritual omen.

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7 Spiritual meanings of mourning doves

Spiritual meaning of mourning doves

In this section, we will discuss the 7 spiritual meanings of seeing mourning doves around. 

As we have seen so far, these birds are spiritually relevant. Their presence depicts a possible spiritual message. 

To understand more about this, read what comes next. 

1) The duality of life

In the spiritual world, when you see 2 mourning doves, it reminds you of the duality of life

This omen helps you to not be rigid in your perceptions. 

It helps you to embrace diversity.

2) Spiritual Sensitivity

When you see mourning doves in the morning, the spiritual world is inspiring you to enhance your spiritual senses. This is an omen of spiritual sensitivity. Through this sign, the universe wants you to become more spiritually conscious than ever before. 

Mourning doves will show up in your life as a reminder to keep tabs on the happenings around you (spiritually).

3) Change

The spiritual world uses mourning doves as a sign of change. When you find them around you, it is because something new is about to spring forth in your life. 

Take this as an opportunity to write a new chapter of your life. 

Furthermore, let these birds work on your mind, and increase your adaptability to change

4) Individuality

Mourning doves will show up in your life as a reminder to stay unique. This means that you need to stop looking up to people for validation. 

Embrace who you are, and be proud of your strengths and vulnerabilities. 

5) Be bold enough to speak up for yourself

The cooing sound from mourning doves inspires confidence. Whenever you hear this sound, it implies that the universe wants you to freely express yourself without fear. 

If you want something, speak up!

If you are offended, speak up!

Embrace the energy from these birds. Let it embolden you to demand your right. 

6) Focus on your strengths

If you are battling with low self-esteem, it’s because you’ve only focused on your weaknesses

Seeing a mourning dove reminds and encourages you to prioritize focusing more on your strengths. 

Doing this boosts your confidence. It gets your esteem to healthy levels

7) Loyalty

In the spiritual world, seeing a mourning dove represents loyalty. This sign means that you have loyal friends. It also encourages you to be loyal to your friends

For marriages, the sight of mourning doves in your home reveals the need to be sincere about how you feel. This builds trust and loyalty.

Are mourning doves a good luck sign?

The good luck associated with these birds

Yes, they are a good luck sign

This is contrary to what many people believe!

The name of this bird does not imply sadness or misfortune. Its cooing sound and dull feather color are the reasons behind its name.

Spiritually, mourning doves emit positive energy. They bring transformation, protection, inner wisdom, and spiritual awakening to the lives of those who see them.

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Final Words

As we have discussed so far, mourning doves should not be discarded. They are spiritual messengers of great repute. 

The next time you find this bird around you, let the information in this article guide you on how to rightly interpret the significance of mourning doves in your life. 

What’s your experience with mourning doves like?

Share them with us in the comment section below. 

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