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Red Birthmark Meaning: On Face, Head, & Baby

Red Birthmark Meaning: On Face, Head, & Baby

Does your baby happen to have a red birthmark on his or her face?

Well… A common superstition suggests that this baby may grow up to become a VERY intelligent leader!

In this article, we’ll go over everything there is to know about red birthmarks and why your baby may have one. 

So, let’s dive straight into it, shall we?

What Do Red Birthmarks Symbolize?

Red Birthmark

Red birthmarks are known to symbolize:

  • Insensitivity;
  • Fearlessness;
  • Intelligence;
  • And complexity.

They add depth to the character meaning that instead of basic traits, people with red birthmarks are born with special talents and skills which can help them command respect and honor.

A red birthmark is also a symbol of love and passion. It highlights and surfaces qualities that make one a true romantic lover.

However, the intensity of love may sometimes be lost or diluted due to the insensitivity this type of birthmark lets out into the heart.

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Spiritual Meaning Of A Red Birthmark On A Baby

Baby with a birthmark

Spiritually, it is said that a baby with a red birthmark is born to stand out

He or she will be born with excellent cognitive abilities, sharp memory, and a hidden set of skills that will only shine through when faced with tough times. 

Fearlessness will be a prominent trait of this baby and, unlike many children, he or she will learn to deal with battles and responsibilities at a very young age. You can just say this baby will grow up faster than you think.

Spiritual Meaning Of A Red Birthmark On Adults

Spiritual Meaning Of A Red Birthmark On Adults

If you’re an adult with a red birthmark on your face or forearm, it could mean you’re a good person who has gone rogue

There is no doubt that, in your past life, you may have been a better, kinder, and more understanding person but due to some particular occurrence or a whole chain of events, your whole personality took a turn and you suddenly became insensitive, cold, and evil

The red mark represents evil and vengeful intentions within your heart that you WERE NOT born with but slowly developed over time.

Birthmark On Face:

Having a red birthmark on the face might signify that you’re the type of person who cares too much about physical appearance in relationships. 

Yes, to a certain extent, finding your partner especially attractive is a good thing but there are things beyond that that too matter in a relationship. This includes respect, trust, communication, loyalty, and just overall compatibility. 

However, if you only tend to focus on external matters, you’ll likely find yourself in a compromised position regarding your relationship one day

So, try and look beyond just physical attractiveness and ask yourself if you genuinely like the other person before entering into a relationship with them. 

If your heart answers “no” then DO NOT waste your or the other person’s time.

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Birthmark On The Back Of The Head:

A red birthmark on the back of the head could symbolize psychic powers and the ability to communicate with supernatural entities

Believe it or not, some people are just inherently able to contact spirits and dead people without any help of magic; they’re called mediums.

The birthmark could mean that you’re one of them. 

More often than not, the birthmark heightens your sixth sense or intuition, so that spirits can easily get through to you.

Because of all this, you may also not fear these unseen entities as much as other people do.

Birthmark On Forehead:

People (especially babies) born with a red birthmark on their forehead are believed to be highly intelligent, quick-witted, and intuitive rational thinkers. 

These people always have a plan in the back of their heads and never fail to save the day with their clever tricks and understanding of making things right.

However, with great intelligence often comes laziness and dependency.

You may start to rely on your brain power to a point where working hard or putting in actual effort seems unnecessary and that’s where you could take a great beating.  

So, be careful of that.

Birthmark On Neck:

Having a birthmark on your leg may be a sign that you’re usually a very quiet person

This could be linked to an introverted attitude or just your preference of speaking only when necessary. 

It is generally said that quiet people are more observant, serious-natured, and unsparing than others and it does make sense when you consider the fact that people who speak all the time are taken less seriously in life

All in all though, just make sure not to let your quiet nature hinder important relationships and opportunities in your life

Birthmark On Legs:

If you were born with a birthmark on your legs (which is somewhat rare), it could mean that you’re a lone ranger.

You like standing on your own and often greatly enjoy your own company.

Unlike other people, you tend to not give a crap about seeking external opinions or approval for your actions.

You do what you want to do. You also don’t rely on other people’s company to make you happy or improve the quality of your life. 

Yes, you may have a few friends here and there but you know damn well that your life will stay the same even if they were to leave you all of a sudden.

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Birthmark On Arms:

People with a red birthmark particularly on their arms often tend to get physical in arguments or heated moments. 

This may be due to insecurities, feeling scared, a bad temper, or just not having control over your mind and body

If you can’t already tell, this is a serious problem. 

Not only are you constantly risking your well-being but also escaping reality by fighting while the underlying problem still remains unsolved. 

Next time you feel yourself heating up, instead of going all nuts and losing your temper at people, try to diffuse the situation and keep your arms, legs, and mouth from taking you in the compromising direction. 

Trust me…it may help you live longer too…

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7 Superstitions About Red Birthmarks You Should Know

Superstitions about this birthmark

1) Devil Spots

Back in ancient times, red birthmarks were known to signify a person’s evil motives and intentions; that’s why they were given the name “devil spots”.

I mean… They could also hint if the other person was the devil but that idea may be a little too far-fetched. 

People with devil spots were also believed to be involved in some kind of magic and witchcraft.

If you were born with one at the time, you were “destined” to become a witch. 

2) Open The Third Eye

Red birthmarks on the face or somewhere near the eyes were believed to heighten one’s visual abilities, almost like unlocking a “third eye”

This third eye could help one see supernatural entities in the light of day, look into the future, and see through people to understand what their true intentions are.  

Well…that’s certainly quite the burden to carry on your shoulders, to say the least

Thankfully though, it is obviously just a superstition, and I say thankfully because, trust me, there wouldn’t be any point in living life if you already knew everything that’s going to happen in it beforehand.

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3) You’re An Intense/Aggressive Lover

We’ve all seen that one movie where the man just can’t let go of the woman he falls in love with.

His love gets darker and darker by the minute and soon he kidnaps her because with him is the only life that she’s “allowed” to live. 

Well… Yeah…The red birthmark you’ve got there is allegedly a hint that that dark lover is YOU.

Now obviously you wouldn’t go to the extremes of kidnapping women you fall in love with but that doesn’t erase the fact that you will love them INTENSELY.

Every time you fall in love, you do it wholeheartedly with complete passion and submission. It’s the only way you believe love can be. 

4) Location Of Your Death

One popular superstition suggests that a large red birthmark on your arm or leg can indicate the location where you died in your past life.

And, if you didn’t already know, YES, past life is an actual concept in the spiritual realm. 

You can check the outline of your birthmark and look for countries/cities with similar shapes on the world map for possible matches.

If you find one that closely matches the shape of your mark, chances are that’s where you passed away in your previous life

No one knows if there is any truth to this but in case you were looking for a fun game to play during summer sleepovers with your friends, this one might just be perfect for that.

5) You Were Murdered!

Individuals born with a red birthmark are believed to have been murdered in their past lives

Surprisingly, this superstition still hasn’t lost its essence and resides somewhere within the heart of certain cultures even to this day.

It suggests that the red birthmark is there to differentiate people who died of a natural death from those who were murdered

Being murdered could also mean that you weren’t exactly a saint in your past life. You were probably involved in some sort of illicit activities that got you killed. 

6) You Can Ask Spirits For Help

As ridiculous as it may sound, a popular superstition about red birthmarks says that people with this particular kind of mark can communicate with spirits and ask them for help if they want to

The mark also grants them the privilege of asking for certain favors like the protection of their family, solving a puzzling situation, getting the truth out of someone, and whatnot! I mean…

There’s isn’t anything that spirits can’t do, right?

7) God Appointed You For A Special Purpose

Since birthmarks are known to make a person unique, a red mark could mean that God created you for a unique purpose

Now, obviously, this purpose will vary from person to person, so I can’t really say what yours could be; figuring it out is your job. 

Nonetheless, if you were feeling down and hopeless today, this should be enough to motivate you to push through and go fulfill your purpose in life

Is A Red Birthmark A Bad Sign?

The negative signs from red birthmarks

Well… Yes… And… NO!

The red birthmark on its own isn’t supposed to be a good or bad sign. 

If you’re expecting it to be a symbol of great wealth or luck then I’m sorry to disappoint you, that’s certainly not the case here. 

However, the birthmark can help you realize problems and lacking areas in your personality that you can work on to become an improved version of yourself. 

It’ll be tough but trust me, IT WILL BE WORTH IT.

After all, it is only when you master the art of controlling yourself that controlling your surroundings and tough situations becomes easier. 

Final Words

Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now: there’s more to birthmarks than we may think

The red birthmark, in particular, is believed to bless a person with some incredible powers and abilities; seeing the future, reading people’s hearts, identifying intention, and communicating with the dead is all part of it. 

Aside from its superstitious side, however, the red birthmark also tests you spiritually.

It points out lacking areas within your character and personality that you must work on to make things right in your life. It also reminds you to reflect on your past life and seek out possible lessons from it that could help with your present. 

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