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Second Toe Longer than Big Toe Meaning: Chinese Intelligence

Second Toe Longer than Big Toe Meaning: Chinese Intelligence

Your toes are different from others. 

You know that, of course!

And you have accepted it.

But have you ever thought about why your toes have different lengths?

It’s almost unusual for people to have a second toe longer than the big Toe.

Medically, it’s not among the worst. So you don’t need to be worried about it.

However, we cannot deny its spiritual significance anyway! Having Morton’s Toe has been long associated with leadership, confidence, intelligence, beauty, dominance, and authority.

This extra-long digit is undeniably a sign of good fortune.

Today, we will go through the spiritual meaning it holds, some superstitions about it, and the personalities of such people in detail.

No more talk; let’s have a look.

Is a Longer Second Toe a Sign of Intelligence?

Intelligence signs from toes

The shape and length of your toes say so much about your personality. People with Morton’s Toe are generally creative thinkers and more intelligent

Also, they come up with ingenious solutions to serious problems and see things from a different perspective—and are never starved for amazing ideas.

According to a Health journal, having this foot condition is associated with being an intelligent leader and showing a royal demeanor. 

Although most people believe that this condition indicates intelligence, no evidence is there to support it.

But still, everyone believes that if a person is born with something unique, like two different eye colors, abnormal size of a body part, etc., he contains some eccentric traits and characteristics.

So yes, you can claim that you’re intelligent if you’ve got this condition! Hehe.

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Second Toe Longer than Big Toe Meaning in Royalty

Second Toe Longer than Big Toe Meaning in Royalty

If you are born with Morton’s Toe, always consider yourself royal and special. 

Many royal families experienced this condition throughout history, and they focused on beauty, romance, and innovation.

Flaunt your sense of beauty


Embrace this rarity!

In royalty, it comes with so many great traits and spiritual significance. 

Forget about the shoe discomfort and back pain.

If this universe has taken something from you, it has something better in store.

Enjoy this compliment. Have fun!

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Chinese Meaning of having the Second Toe Longer than the Big Toe

Morton’s Toe

Did you ever wonder what the Chinese think about this varying length of toes?

According to them, it is associated with being emotional and ill-tempered. 

In fact, you will be amazed to know that they truly believe that a woman who possesses this condition signifies dominance in her marriage.

Yeah, that’s true.

They believe it. But not always!

Of course, everyone has a different nature and way of handling things.

On a cultural note, they also associate it with different ethnic origins. 

Folklore aside, it is entirely unknown if any of these spiritual meanings are accurate. 

However, there’s a medical fact that having a long second toe is perfectly normal, as the long bone or metatarsal connected to the other Toe is usually the foot’s longest metatarsal.

Take it easy, peasy!

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5 Superstitions about the Morton’s Toe

Superstitions about toes

Throughout the centuries, folktales and myths have circulated about people with second Toes longer than big toes.

The ancient Greeks believed it to be a sign of physical perfection and idealism.

You can still see these types of toes on Roman and Greek statues. 

Some also believe that it is an indication of a longer life and represents the wiser personality of a person. Therefore, they widely believe that it depicts good fortune.

Morton’s Toe, in many cultures and beliefs, marks beauty, intelligence, and dominance!

Sounds amazing, right?

But are all these interpretations about it true? 

Well, not every time!

Let’s find out some top superstitions people used to have about it.

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1) Leadership Ability

 What an amazing superstition it is. Right?

A lot of people of different cultures even still believe that Morton’s Toe signifies incredible leadership ability.

Despite the fact that our intellect and other similar traits have no concern with physical appearance or body parts, people have a strong belief that it’s true.

It can be; who knows!

But anyways, it’s a superstition. 

People assume that these types of people are highly creative, sporty, with extremely good leadership qualities.

Having the tendency to tackle things in a wonderful way, they are considered:

  • Lively and self-aware
  • Respectful
  • Grateful
  • And empathetic

Their energy is always on another level, and they sometimes like sorting out chaos in their surroundings.

In short, they are fun to be around, according to some beliefs.

If you want to know if you really are occupied with such abilities, notice if you have:

  • Integrity and honesty
  • Great communication skills
  • Willingness to empower and delegate
  • Enough confidence

Anyone with these qualities can be a fit for a leader. 

However, it is not specifically concerned with Morton’s Toe.

But yes, it was a myth, and still, many people believe it.

And you and I can do nothing about that! 

2) Dominance

Another great assumption about these people is that they are highly dominant everywhere.


Whether it’s the school, house, married life, or any organization, they always love to be dominant.

Not just that, but it is assumed that they cannot see any other person as being more dominant and having more power than them.

Well, that seems not to be true!

It’s common SENSE.

Why would anyone do that?

Yeah, there are some people who try to be more efficient and extraordinary (even if they aren’t).

But is it OKAY to consider people with Morton’s Toe among these specifically?

Anyhow, leave it…

Coming to the main point—Dominance!


  • They are considered to be thoughtful
  • They know what they do, or will do later
  • Sometimes, they are dramatic in some situations (unconsciously)

Most importantly, they think for ages over a single decision—which is a good thing.

And these people are assumed to be a perfect choice to resolve conflicts and issues.

Do you want to be one of them?

Then, go and get your Morton’s Toe done!

Haha, joking!

It’s Natural—not a tattoo that you can do in no time.

Honesty is within them, and they are genuinely sorted in their life.

As they love adventures, discovering things and being dominative is their favorite hobby!

3) Intelligence

People who come in this unique category have an open personality, except for a few hidden aspects that they’re specifically secretive about.

They think before they speak.

Knowing what to say and what not to do, they take everything seriously and wisely.

This foot amazingly depicts someone whose mind craves exciting and new adventures. And they are the happiest person on earth when they go to explore it!

Being highly intelligent and adaptive, people with Mortin’s Toe are good as a human.

But on the other side, they can be extremely bad if you make them their enemies. Beware of them!

However, that’s just one side.

And we can never judge people, keeping in mind only one aspect.

Even the positive aspects can be wrong. Who knows!

In some cultures, they are believed to have an insatiable curiosity. They ask good and mindful questions.

Being open-minded is what makes them unique.

They learn from the experiences of other people.

So, we can say that they’re way too mature than others!

Anyways, this is just a superstition. No one can completely believe that.

4) Good Fortune

They leap at different opportunities.

Luck finds them!

Being optimistic and resilient are some qualities that they have. And that is why they find ways to attract good fortune towards themselves.

To become like them:

  • Listen to your intuition
  • Be resilient
  • Try new things
  • Wait for good things to happen
  • Leave all your fears behind!

Usually, they do not hurry with things, knowing that things will come to them at their specific time.

Maybe it’s true or not, but it is presumed that they love to have good relationships with family and friends.

People who feel they’re lucky always work on themselves and create opportunities for themselves. 

They also make successful decisions, following their gut feeling.

To be like them, take more risks, and never be afraid of failure! With hardships, good times also come!

There’s also a myth that they learn a lot from their experiences.

5) Bad-tempered

A few cultures also take this condition as a negative spiritual meaning.

There’s a superstition that females with a second Toe longer than a big Toe have a bad-tempered personalities. 

Dealing with anger is extremely tough for them.

Even if they try to find a way to tackle those situations, they fail to do so…

Raging anger may cause violence or physical abuse.

A person who does not control their bad temper can create a mess in his or another’s life.

To get rid of this, try to:

  • Isolate yourself
  • Meditate & exercise
  • Change your environment

It is widely believed that those women would control their husbands very well.

It seems strange, but…

That can be accurate. Maybe! 

When they fly into rages, they experience low self-esteem. Use their rage to feel powerful and manipulate others.

Unfair, right?

It’s always better to think deeply about this if you face the same thing.

Otherwise, it’ll damage the mental peace of you and your family or friends.

And you don’t want that, do you?

Be patient!

Let go of the things that bother you…

Mortin’s toe people release this rage in the form of shouting and yelling.

But not all people have this irritable nature, even if they have this condition.

So don’t worry!

Take a chill pill.

These are just myths—nothing else.

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The Personality of Persons with the Second Toe longer than the Big Toe

Personality of persons with Morton's Toes

People with a second toe longer than the big one hold different amazing personalities. Here, we’ll discuss some of them. Stay along!

1. Creative 

Being creative isn’t as easy as it seems to be.

You need to be:

  • Open-minded;
  • Flexible;
  • Intuitive;
  • And Independent

People with longer second toes exactly hold all these traits.

They enjoy exploring things and spending time reading books and other interesting stuff.

2. Energetic

These people are generally enthusiastic, animated, active, and super energetic.

But wait—there’s more!

They’re fun-loving, competitive, and gregarious, too.

Being more comfortable with new places, people, and experiences, they are open to new changes.

They know what’s a thought and fantasy and what’s truth.

Fantasizing too many things is not what they are made for!

3. Confident

How confident you completely change your personality. 

Typically, these people know how to deal with situations. They ADAPT easily according to that.

They’re assertive.

Everything seems to be under their control as they don’t let their worries be heavy on them.

Most importantly, people who have a second toe longer than a big toe are forthright and faithful.

Confident people always set their boundaries. And so they do!

4. Ambitious

They are super ambitious.

Every time, they plan something new, set their goals, and keep themselves highly focused.

That’s what makes them unique from others!

Not just this, but they work with others competitively, but only for the sake of success and continuous growth.

And yes, they aren’t afraid to take any risks.

I have Morton’s Toe: It’s a Good Sign?

Positive signs from Morton's toes


If your second Toe is longer than the big Toe, you are in nice company.

One in five individuals has Morton’s Toe. and it is said to be a sign of confidence, honesty, and nobility.

You take every step in your life wisely.

And therefore:

  • You’re on the right path.
  • Your destination is waiting for you.

Even it is not an issue both spiritually and medically. And it’s completely NORMAL!

Believe in what you do!

Don’t be bothered by what bad things people say about you.

Final Words

Morton’s Toe is undeniably more than just a physical medical condition.

It has specific spiritual interpretations and meanings. 

Those with this condition can be comfortable, knowing that they are now able to access those interpretations. 

In a nutshell, it is a reminder to trust in your intuition!

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