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Spiritual Meaning Of A Cardinal Tapping On Your Window! Is It God?

Spiritual Meaning Of A Cardinal Tapping On Your Window! Is It God?

Did you wake up to the sound of a cardinal tapping on your window today?

Well… Just like every other occurrence, this one has its spiritual significance too

In this article, we’ll discuss all the reasons why a cardinal may be tapping on your window and the different spiritual meanings behind it. 

So, let’s dive straight into it, shall we?

What Does It Mean When A Cardinal Hits Your Window?

Red cardinal at window

As odd as it may sound, a cardinal may hit your window simply because it sees its own reflection from the glass and thinks of it as a rival bird

It may tap its beak on the window in a frenzy and even try to clench the glass with its tiny feet. 

However, if a cardinal comes flying and directly smashes into your window, it probably means that it lost control due to strong wind and crashed

Spiritual Meaning Of A Cardinal Tapping On Window

Spiritual Meaning Of A Cardinal Tapping On Window

1) It’s A Sign From God!

In a lot of my articles about the cardinal, I’ve talked about how god uses cardinals as a means to send special signs and messages to mankind.

He may be asking you to repent for your past sins, turn to him before it’s too late, or stay away from certain people who’re not good for your physical or mental well-being.

Your intuition can be your best help in determining what he may be trying to tell you. 

So, use it wisely.

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2) Be Careful With Your Friends

A cardinal tapping on your window may be a warning to be careful with your friends

It means you’re around bad company that isn’t what it seems to be. 

Your friends may be trying to secretly hurt your feelings, expose your secrets, or backstab you and soon you’ll find yourself in difficult situations because of them. 

So, to avoid potential danger and heartbreak, just be a little more careful with your friends and look out for suspicious activities or intentions

Soon, you’ll be thankful for this warning as it revealed the true side and intentions of your friends which was definitely not something you wanted your life to be affected by. 

3) The Cardinal Is Telling You To Be Careful

Apart from being careful with your friends, a cardinal might even tap on your window to remind you to be careful in general

You see, the world is an uncertain place, and anything bad can happen to you the next second. But, if the universe is signaling it then something bad is certainly about to happen. 

Thereby, you need to be careful about things for the next couple of days and take note of people or occurrences in your life that seem off or unusual.

Being careful with your decisions and thinking twice before coming to a final conclusion may also be a good idea. 

4) The Cardinal Is Sending A Message Of Good Luck

If god is pleased with you, he may send a cardinal your way to bless you with good luck

The cardinal may tap on your window or sit on the sill till you HAVE to open the window and that’s when the blessing is transferred to you. 

If you’re going through a tough time in life or find it hard to provide for your family, this good luck might help you get a job or ease your financial struggles.

Winning would suddenly become your forte and you’ll often find yourself unlocking new doors that lead to bigger and better opportunities.

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Spiritual Meaning Of A Red Cardinal Pecking At Window

Spiritual Meaning Of A Red Cardinal Pecking At Window

1) You Need To Act… Now!

If you’ve been overthinking about something or procrastinating with worries a lot lately, it is likely that you’re hesitant in taking action.

In such situations, if a red cardinal pecks on your window, it means that the universe wants you to take immediate action. 

Not only will acting quickly help fix things before they get worse but will also give you the motivation to stop waiting around and initiate the first step in other aspects of your life.

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2) Are You Undecided About Something? Take Risks!

History has repeatedly shown us that the world has only seen tremendous growth and improvement when individuals dared and took risks

For example: If Bill Gates never dropped out of Harvard in 1975 and took a risk to focus on his company, we would’ve never had Microsoft and all the other goodies associated with it like Xbox. 

And, it’s not even like it’s far-fetched. After all, we all have ideas, right?

So, take risks in situations where you’re confused or undecided because it could be the one step that completely changes your life. 

To add to that, if you see a red cardinal pecking at your window, it means that even the universe is on your side for taking a risk and determining what you’re truly capable of

3) The Cardinal Is Giving You Courage

Oftentimes, certain challenges and situations in life can make us lose courage

And, this courage doesn’t always have to be physical. It can be mental or emotional courage as well. 

Seeing a red cardinal pecking at your window means the universe has sent courage and hope your way.

It will not only help you fight off all the negative energies and demotivation in your surroundings but also break through barriers or obstacles that may be keeping you from growing and achieving great things in life. 

If you’re working on something out of the ordinary or going for a unique path in life, this courage will also help you stay focused on your goals during times of backlash and criticism. 

4) Trust Your Instinct

Relying on intellect alone for making decisions is the biggest mistake you can make in life. 

After all, there’s a reason why human beings are blessed with instinct.

Instinct, intuition, or sixth sense are all different names for that one feeling you have in your gut that suggests whether something is right or not. 

This feeling was especially crucial for men who used to hunt back in the days as it kept them from being attacked by hidden predators or other dangers in the jungle. 

Although today’s world is very much different in almost every way possible since humans rely on previous knowledge, experience, and brain power to work through things, there are still instances where trusting your instinct is the only way out

So, if you’re stuck in a perplexing situation and can’t seem to come to terms with one choice, take the red cardinal pecking at your window earlier today as a sign to trust your instinct and go with what your heart suggests.

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Is A Cardinal Tapping On Your Window A Sign From God?

Spiritual and biblical messages from a red cardinal


Since we know that god may use cardinals as a way to deliver messages, commands, and tasks to you, you can surely interpret the bird tapping on your window as a sign from him. 

However, figuring out what he may be trying to convey is your job. 

Use your intuition and try to form harmony between your heart and mind to make things easier

Remember: Your intuition is powerful. So, if something feels right in your heart, it probably is.

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Is A Cardinal At Your Window A Good Sign?

The spiritual messages from this bird

It can be a good sign, and… a wake-up call!

Since a cardinal only delivers the universe’s or god’s messages, it isn’t supposed to be a good or bad sign on its own. The context of the message is what actually matters. 

You may be told to trust your instinct during complex situations or given the courage to break through tough times and act quickly.

But, at the same time, you could also be reminded of how untrustworthy and dishonest people around you are and that you need to be careful of your surroundings when moving. 

Final words

Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now – a cardinal tapping on your window isn’t always random. 

It was probably meant to be there to give you a reminder or a special message.

Just know that you must be very careful in every important aspect of your life for the next couple of days since there’s a high probability of negative occurrences.

But, if the cardinal is meant to be a sign of good luck from god then things are about to turn great for you. 

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