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7 Spiritual Meanings of Hearing Wind Chimes: Day and Night

7 Spiritual Meanings of Hearing Wind Chimes: Day and Night

We’ve always had wind chimes at home. My mother, after all, is a fan of them.

We would have it by the porch, front door, and back door. And even after I had already moved out of the family home, I still had wind chimes by the door.

This is thanks to my mom who gave it to me as a housewarming gift.

Her explanation was simple. Wind chimes ward off bad spirits or evil she says. This is the superstition her family had always believed in.

It also helps when there is a thief at home. The wind chimes could help deter a thief. And so we would always have wind chimes near the doors.

I came across a nice-looking wind chime this morning at the mall. I bought it as a gift for my mom.

But before I give it to her, I have to make sure that I write and publish this post about the spiritual meaning of hearing wind chimes

Spiritual Meaning of Hearing Wind Chimes At Night

Wind Chimes At Night

If you have been struggling lately, often wondering how to survive your ordeal, and then you hear a wind chime, then rejoice.

It is a sign that soon your ordeal will be over.

The sounds you are hearing are actually good news from the heavens. The ones above know how you have been suffering for some time now.

The challenges you have been facing lately are causing you sleepless nights.

The supreme being wants you to know that the hardship will be over soon and you will be able to sleep well at night in the next few days or weeks.

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Spiritual Meaning of Hearing Wind Chimes in the Morning

Wind Chimes in the Morning

When you hear wind chimes in the morning, then get out of bed immediately or start being productive right away.

This is a message from the heavens that you will tick off one thing on your bucket list soon if you work hard enough for it.

Think of what’s on your wish list of things to do in your lifetime. Chances are, the things on your list require some resources if not lots of them.

The heavens are reminding you that all in your list could be made into a reality but only if you work hard. And one of them can happen real soon but you will need some resources for it.

For example: you may be going on a business trip soon. Plus, on your bucket list, there is an entry for sky jumping. Luckily for you, the location of your business trip has a sky-jumping facility but you will have to pay for it. 

The wind chime you hear in the morning is a sign for you to work hard so you can afford the thing on your bucket list like the sky jumping experience.

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Spiritual Meaning of Hearing Wind Chimes During the Day

Wind Chimes During the Day

When you hear wind chimes during the day, this is because a departed person is visiting you.

  • If you hear it in the early morning: then this is a person whom you know and love. This departed loved one is visiting you to check how you are and because he or she is missing you and other family members. This is a visit done out of love;
  • If you hear it late afternoon: then this is a departed person visiting but is a stranger to you. Perhaps this person wishes to visit somebody else who used to live in your house. Maybe this is a person you never knew but has an important message for you or other residents of the house.

Don’t worry, the departed person visiting your home has no bad intentions.

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7 Spiritual Meanings of Hearing a Wind Chimes

7 Spiritual Meanings of Hearing a Wind Chimes

1) Be loyal

When you hear the wind chimes, then take this to mean that the ones above are reminding you to be loyal.

The heavens want you to think long and hard about how you are treating those who love and care for you. Are you being loyal to them?

For example, if you are married or in a relationship then you may want to consider whether you are being loyal to your spouse or partner. 

Loyalty can also be in the context of work.

Are you giving your undivided attention to work during office hours? You may be doing other things during company hours, which is like being disloyal to your employer. 

The heavens want you to know that loyalty is important in all kinds of relationships and not just romantic ones.

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2) Do not compare

It is easy to compare ourselves to other people these days, thanks to the internet and social media.

But as we are always being reminded, it is never good to compare yourself to other people. This is the point the heavens are trying to make when you hear wind chimes.

The ones above are warning you to stop comparing yourself but instead, trust in your own journey.

Others may seem to have more but each of our paths is different and the supreme being has other things in store for you.

3) Wish granted

Hearing wind chimes can also be the heaven way of telling you that a wish of yours will soon be granted. The wind chimes sound is a good omen in this case.

If there is something you have been yearning for or something that you have been trying to get for years could be yours soon. This is a gift from the supreme being.

4) Good spirits near you

In some cultures, wind chimes are for attracting luck. It is not surprising then that hearing wind chimes when there is none means that good spirits are near you.

These spirits are protecting you by hovering around. They could also be warding off bad spirits so no one can harm you.

5) Unleashing potential

The sounds of wind chimes you are hearing can also be a reminder to make the most of your talents.

When you hear this sound, ask them what you have been doing to unleash your potential.

The heavens are reminding you that you have been given special gifts but you need to work on these gifts. Find the time and make an effort to unleash your potential.

6) Nourish both body and mind

When you hear the sounds of wind chimes, then consider reflecting on what you have been feeding both your mind and your body.

The universe is letting you hear wind chimes even without any nearby as a reminder that our bodies are temples too.

We must then feed both our mind and body with the right food otherwise we will be spiritually lost.

7) Postpone travel

If you have a trip planned or booked in the next few days and weeks and you hear the wind chimes, then consider making some changes to your travel.

The heavens are warning you to postpone travel for now as there could be an accident.

Something better could also be in store for you during your travel dates. The wind chimes you are hearing are a warning that you are better off postponing your trip for now.

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Is Hearing Wind Chimes a Bad Spiritual Sign?

wind chimes in a market

Not necessarily. Sometimes hearing wind chimes is a sign of good things to come.

Stop worrying then when you hear wind chimes as this sound isn’t exactly a warning.

Final Words

People react differently to the sounds of wind chimes. Others love the sounds while other people hate it.

When you hear a wind chime when there isn’t one in sight, then this is because the heavens are telling you something. Reflect on what the message is about.

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