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Spiritual Meaning Of Bedwetting: Adults & Children

Spiritual Meaning Of Bedwetting: Adults & Children    

Although you may think bedwetting is exclusively a health-related issue, that may not always be the case…

It could potentially be a special spiritual sign from the universe!

In this article, we’ll go over everything there is to know about bedwetting and the hidden spiritual messages it may carry.

So, let’s dive right into it, shall we?

Spiritual Meaning Of Bedwetting In Adults

Bedwetting In Adults

Bedwetting is likely a sign of experiencing intense pressure and stress in adults.

It may be caused by family problems, conflicts with a partner, or being in a toxic work environment full of bad competition and criticism.

If such stress and pressure is extended over a longer period of time, the consequences could be much worse than just bedwetting.

You might also face restlessness, develop anxiety or even mingle with severe depression and isolation. 

Consider taking a long break immediately and allow your mind to heal from all the overworking it has done.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Bedwetting In Children

Bedwetting In Children

In children, the spiritual reasons for bedwetting can slightly differ from adults. 

It may signify that they feel troubled, traumatized, and emotionally distressed

This may be due to neglect of their basic needs, less parental availability, and witnessing emotionally damaging events in the house i.e. divorce, physical abuse, or constant loud arguments

Although children may not be able to directly communicate their emotions, events like bedwetting are a clear spiritual sign that they’re not doing well from the inside.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Peeing The Bed Every Night

Peeing The Bed Every Night

The spiritual meaning of peeing the bed every night can vary from person to person and the situation they may be stuck in at the time

For some, it may indicate the stress in their lives and how they deeply fear the consequences of taking a wrong step while.

But, on the other hand, it may also suggest that the person is going through a tough phase in life and should be given space to heal. 

If you pee the bed every night, ponder over all that’s going on in your life at the time and think of the possible reasons accordingly i.e. you may be facing financial burden, relationship issues, or just believe your life is in danger due to some reason. 

More often than not, it’s going to be something linked with fear that’s disturbing your mind and causing your bladder to leak fluids involuntarily.

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7 Spiritual Meanings & Causes Of Bedwetting In Adults

7 Spiritual Meanings & Causes Of Bedwetting In Adults

1) You Have Hate & Vengeful Intentions For Someone

Whether your innocence was taken advantage of or someone insulted you while at work, bedwetting at night may be a sign that there’s a lot of hate and vengeful intentions in your heart

More often than not, it can happen because you feel exploited and wronged by someone in your life which obviously isn’t sitting well with you

In this case, the only way to get rid of your bedwetting problem is if you let go of whatever happened. Truly forgive the culprit so that the hate won’t be there to burden you down anymore.

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2) You Feel Dirty & Spiritually Impure 

Another possible meaning of bedwetting may be that you feel dirty and spiritually impure.

This can be due to several reasons i.e. going astray from God’s path, taking part in immoral activities, or losing sight of your life’s meaning and purpose. 

You may often feel ashamed of what you’ve done (or become) and don’t like seeing yourself sunken in such deep evil.

You feel God isn’t going to accept you anymore and that you’ve lost credibility in his eyes.

In reality…YOU HAVEN’T…you’re just overthinking

All you need to do is turn to him again and sincerely repent for all the sins you committed; there’s no way he won’t welcome you back to the path of light with open arms. 

3) You Feel Alone & Want Someone To Stay With You  

As I mentioned, anxiety and stress in the mind can be a huge contributor to bedwetting. 

Therefore, bedwetting in many adults may suggest that you want someone to be in your life and not leave you alone. 

This fear of loneliness may stem from past trauma such as childhood neglect or not being truly cared for in romantic relationships and it can linger around for a VERY long time.

4) Imbalance Of Chakras In The Body

A common reason for bedwetting at night is believed to be an imbalance of the seven chakras in the body

This means that all chakras aren’t receiving equal energy and one may be blocked or overflowing with excessive energy due to some reason. 

Because of this imbalance, your bladder may have trouble functioning correctly and could be triggered involuntarily in the middle of the night. 

To harmonize your chakra situation, try mindful meditation and spend some time in nature to clear away any uncomfortable blockages. 

5) You’re Not Comfortable With The People Around You

Oftentimes, bedwetting can also be a sign of NOT being comfortable with certain people around you

This could be a friend, colleague, class fellow, or even a family member that you feel very uneasy around.

They may be a little intimidating, overly dominating, or just give off a weird vibe that makes you want to distance yourself from them. 

Consider bedwetting as a serious sign to eliminate such people from your life and only enjoy the company of those that make you feel loved, cherished, and comfortable in your own skin. 

6) You’re Scared That Someone Will Hurt You

Whether it’s a crime boss that’s after your life or evil spirits attempting to kill you in your dreams, bedwetting in the middle of the night might indicate your fear of getting physically hurt

This is another type of fear that can stem from past trauma like childhood abuse, toxic relationships, or witnessing someone close to you in violent circumstances. 

You may also feel restless at night, have trouble concentrating, and often find your body entering a state of panic out of nowhere. 

The intuitive feeling of incoming danger is simply too powerful to not bring complications alongside. 

7) Evil Entities In Your Sleep

Does your bedwetting problem only arise the day you have a nightmare in your sleep?

Well, unfortunately, it could be a sign that there’s an unseen presence around you.

Since your body is in its most vulnerable state while asleep, evil entities can see it as just the right opportunity to exploit and harm you

More often than not, your nightmares will be very gore and filled with miserable situations.

You’ll find yourself waking up in the middle of the night just to catch a breath from all the violence you witnessed. 

The unseen is definitely trying to frighten you and grab your attention

If things get worse and the danger starts to revolve around your physical well-being, you must take action to get rid of the evil before any considerable damage is done.

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Should I Be Concerned Spiritually?

changing bedsheet

If it isn’t already clear, bedwetting is a HUGE concern in every way possible!

It signifies fear in the heart of something unexplainable and bad emotions that aren’t being channeled out of the body properly. 

Bedwetting is especially concerning in adults that have stressful jobs or families to take care of since they tend to bottle up soo many good and bad emotions inside and not have a chance to let them out. 

However, aside from all the spirituality, you must also pay close attention to your health, and if you have bladder control issues that may be causing drainage while asleep. 

Final words

Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now: there could be A LOT more to bedwetting than just low bladder control

Feeling distressed and under tension because of something that happened or is going to happen can be one of the primary reasons. 

For a lot of people, bedwetting may occur the night before an important job interview or the first day of school.

The pressure and anxiety get to the brain and cause such involuntary actions.

Limiting your stress levels by being around a friend or taking actions to ease your mind is enough to stop bedwetting in most cases

But, if the problem persists then it’s a sign that some big changes need to be made in your life.  

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