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Spiritual Meaning of Electrical Shock: Touching Someone? 

Spiritual Meaning of Electrical Shock: Touching Someone? 

I had this classmate in high school who seemed to have such strong electricity running in her body.

When she touched me, sometimes I would bolt away from her because of what seemed to be an electrical current that touched me.

I wasn’t alone who felt this way about her touches as other classmates had the same experience as I did. They would feel some electricity when they are touched by this particular classmate.

We then, for a time, teased her by calling her “electric girl“. She didn’t like it at first and begged us to stop calling her that.

But the name stuck because her electric touches never left.

I remember this classmate of mine after receiving an invitation to a reunion of some sort with high school classmates and an electric girl crossed my mind. Many thoughts then entered my mind.

So, I decided to dig into the spiritual meaning of electrical shock and why it happens when you touch someone.

Why Do I Feel Like Electricity is Running Through My Body Spiritual?

man energy hand

Many times I have wondered how much electricity is in my body.

This is because many times I too feel electricity running through my body and sometimes the electric feeling is just significantly stronger.

It was only recently that I thought that this was heaven’s way of telling me something important and it depends on which part of the body I was feeling the electricity.

  • When you feel the electricity running strong on your feet: then this is a sign from the heavens to be careful of your travels. This is a warning to be extra vigilant on your next trip out of town or abroad;
  • When the electricity is running strong on your hands: then think of how productive your days are of late. Ask yourself whether you are making the most of your time and days. The heavens are reminding you that your time on earth is quite limited;
  • When the electricity is feeling quite potent on your shoulders: then this is a sign from the heavens to lift your burdens. Ask the ones above to help with your problems rather than carrying your worries alone;
  • When the electricity is strong on your back: then this is a warning from the heavens that someone is being treacherous. There is a person who is speaking ill of you regardless of how well you are treating this person.

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Electric Feeling When Touching Someone Spiritual Meaning

Touching Someone

There is also a spiritual meaning when you are feeling some electricity after a person touches you.

This is the universe’s way of telling you that no man is an island. This means various things.

The heavens want you to be grateful for the people who love you. These are the ones who stick with you when times are hard or cheer you on when you are feeling down.

The universe is telling you to seek help when you need it. Perhaps you are too proud to seek help and so the heavens are telling you that there is nothing wrong in asking for assistance.

Consider helping others, especially those who seem to be fiercely independent. The heavens are telling you that some people need help even when they aren’t asking for it.

Keep the people you care about close and contact them frequently.

Our time on earth is so limited, which is why we should spend more time with the people who are dear to us.

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Spiritual Meaning of Electrical Shock When Touching Something

Touching Something

When you are experiencing electrical shock upon touching something, then this is heaven’s way of reminding you to stop being materialistic.

The heavens may be displeased with your excessive lust for material things. The ones above disapprove of how you are enriching yourself by doing not-so-spiritual things. 

The heavens may also be reminding you that there are other important things than material wealth. You can be wealthy in other things like love, family, and friends.

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Spiritual Meaning of Static Electricity in the Body

Static Electricity in the Body

There is static electricity in our body and it comes with a spiritual meaning.

This is actually heaven’s way of telling us to put our heaven-sent gifts and talents to good use.

We should unleash our talents and potential rather than hide them.

If there is something we are good at like art, music, or sport, then we should develop these talents for the glory of the heavens. 

9 Spiritual Meanings of Electrical Shock in the Body 

9 Spiritual Meanings of Electrical Shock in the Body 

1) Get rid of clutter

When you experience some electrical shock in your body, then this is a sign to de-clutter.

This could mean getting rid of physical clutter like excessive stuff in your home or papers at work. 

It could also mean making more space in your home or workplace.

Decluttering could require emotional decluttering such as letting go of a painful past or people who are not good for you. 

2) Assert yourself

Do you keep mostly to yourself or stay silent even when you need to speak up? If yes, and you have an electrical shock in your body, then this is a sign to be more assertive.

This is the universe’s way of telling you to socialize more with people and express your opinion freely but politely.

If you have something to say on an important matter, consider speaking up rather than bottling up your real thoughts or refusing to take part in discussions. 

You need to assert yourself more if you want to make an impact in the world.

3) Pray more

Reflect on how you pray when you have an electric shock in your body.

The heavens are likely dismayed at your lack of communication with the ones above so it sends a strong sign to remind you to pray.

Ask yourself:

  • When was the last time you prayed honestly or even consistently?
  • What does your prayer sound like?
  • Are you honest in your prayers?

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself as you reflect.

4) A dark time

You may want to brace yourself when you experience several electric shocks in your body.

This could also be a sign from the heavens that you will soon be entering a dark phase in your life.

This means that you will be tested soon. The heavens are likely to send some of the most difficult challenges you’ve ever had to face in your life.

You may then find yourself on your knees, begging the heavens for help or strength as you chart turbulent waters.

5) New opportunity

The electrical shocks you are experiencing in your body could be the universe’s way of telling you that new opportunities are on their way.

You will soon be given a chance or even many chances to show your worth to many people.

The heavens are recognizing the hard work and your right attitude that will be useful in other roles or endeavors.

So the ones above are sending you several opportunities that will allow you to share and put to good use your talents, knowledge, and skills.

6) Renewal

The electrical shock in your body could be a sign that you will soon undergo a renewal

It could be spiritual such as reaffirming your commitments to church or community initiatives. 

You may also soon experience a deeper desire to live a spiritually pleasing life or you may be helping someone have a deeper relationship with your creator.

7) Defeat

You may be in for some disappointment when you feel electric shocks in your body. This could be a sign from the heavens that you will soon be experiencing a defeat.

Defeat could come in different ways such as not getting the promotion you’ve worked hard for or your business needing to close.

You may also lose an argument to someone or lose an election. Brace yourself for some heartbreak.

8) Creative flow

You may soon experience a creative flow like no other. This means that you could be working for many hours, feeling inspired throughout the long hours.

 During this period you may produce your best work ever or work faster than usual. The creativity juices will flow naturally and for a long period.

9) Stop negative thoughts

The electric shock in your body is a sign that you need to stop the negative thinking.

This is the heavens’ way of telling you that it knows what is in your thoughts and it is displeased at how negative they are.

The ones above want you to think better, more optimistic thoughts. You need to stop the endless worry or continuous negativity in your head.

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Should I Be Concerned Spiritually? 

woman praying

Yes, experiencing a body electric shock should concern you spiritually since this experience has a spiritual significance.

The heavens are trying to tell you something important.

Final Words

Electrical shocks in your body may not be the most pleasing experience but this has a major significance in your life.

The heavens are telling you something important when you experience this sensation. Listen to what the message could be.

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