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Spiritual Meaning of Finding a Ring: Gold or Silver?

Spiritual Meaning of Finding a Ring: Gold or Silver?

What is the spiritual meaning of finding a ring? Let’s find out!

I have always loved the Trilogy, “The Lord of the Rings”. I have seen the movies more times than I can count. I also read the three books at least once every three years. My best friend collects the different editions of the book, too.

For those who do not know the trilogy, it was about a ring that a hobbit found. It was a ring that was supposed to bind all peoples and creatures of middle earth but until it was broken, the ring brought many misfortune.

I am writing about this now because the other day I watched the movies again. And I find myself asking, what does it mean when you find a ring? What is the spiritual meaning of finding a ring—gold or silver? 

Feeling inspired and refreshed after a marathon watch of these three movies, I thought it best to discuss what it means to find the ring. What are the heavens trying to tell you or me?

Spiritual Meaning of Finding a Ring

Spiritual Meaning of Finding a Ring

Finding a gold ring:

Finding a gold ring often means good things in the romantic relationship department.

  • If you are single and ready to mingle, then it could mean that you will soon be in a serious relationship.
  • If you are in a relationship, then this is a sign that your partner is ready to take things to the next level.
  • If you have recently broken up with someone, then this is a sign that your ex will be coming back.

Finding a silver ring:

Finding a silver ring is a sign from heaven that you will soon need to be flexible. The heavens may be putting you to the test and in order for you to survive and pass, you need to be malleable.

Silver, after all, is known for its malleability. This means you can be formed easily into shapes even into extremely thin sheets.

Finding the silver ring is a message that you need to be like the silver as the ones above may mold you into ways you never expected.

You will be spread thin or required to go around your circles looking for help.

Finding a wedding ring:

Finding a wedding ring is a sign from the heavens that you need to take marriage seriously.

It is a message that is both for the single people and the married ones.

  • If you are single, then the ones above are telling you that marriage is not all roses and good stuff. It is a serious commitment that some religions believe should be kept and honored until death sets the couple apart. 
  • If you are single and you find a wedding ring, then this is a sign to wait for the right one and not to get married unless they are sure.
  • If you are married, then this is a reminder from the universe to take your marriage vows seriously. Maybe you are about to walk away from your spouse or are cheating on your partner. Then finding this ring is heaven’s way of reminding you to honor the marriage vows you made.

Finding a broken ring:

Finding a broken ring is a sign from the universe that someone will fulfill his or her promise to you and you will be very happy about it.

Finding the broken ring will be a good omen at this time.

It can be quite shocking for this person to fulfill this promise but you will welcome it with open arms anyway.

On the other hand, you may also be expecting this person to deliver as he or she promised and you will be grateful for this person anyway.

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Spiritual Meaning of Finding a Ring in My House 

Silver ring in my house

When you find a ring in your house, then this is a sign that family members may be fighting off each other soon.

A divisive issue will come your family’s way and this may bring out the worst in some members.

There will be discord for some weeks to come.

There will be drama and tears as well.

You may want to take the lead in navigating the discussions about this family problem to make sure that family members do not end up hurting one another badly.

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Spiritual Meaning of Finding Rings in Dreams 

Finding a wedding ring

Finding rings in your dreams is a good message from the heavens. It is a spiritual sign that the heavens are pleased with you.

It could be because of some recent actions that have made the supreme being proud.

You may have been quite good and consistent with your spiritual journey or perhaps the heavens are simply telling you that you are on the right path.

You only need to carry on whatever good things you are doing lately.

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7 Signs and Spiritual Meanings of Finding a Ring 

Gold ring on the ground

1) Some wealth

Finding a ring can be great news. In this case, you are being told that you will receive some wealth or a thing of value soon.

You may be having an unexpected inheritance. You may also be promoted at work where you will have more disposable income. The wealth could also be from lottery or raffle winnings.

2) Power through

If you have been having difficulties the last few days and weeks, and you find a ring, then this is a sign from the heavens to just power through.

The heavens are encouraging you to just keep moving forward as things will soon be better. You only need to have faith in the ones above and all will be well.

3) Have faith in yourself

The heavens may have noticed your lack of confidence in yourself and your abilities. The ring you found is a reminder that you need to have faith in yourself

Remember that you were made especially by the creator. You have strengths that many other people do not possess and so you can be great like other people are.

4) A big change

There could be a big change coming your way after you find a ring. This is also a spiritual that you will soon be facing some big change.

This could be what you have been praying for like a new work. It could also be unexpected or unplanned.

You may or may not welcome the change but remember that the heavens willed this to happen.

5) Tempers flaring

You may want to keep your tongue and temper in check when you find a ring. This is a warning that tempers will be flaring soon.

You may be the one who will lose your temper and you might be raising your voice or hurling painful words to someone. On the other hand, you may be the one at the receiving end of someone’s outburst after losing his or her temper.

6) A confession

Finding a ring is a spiritual message that someone will confess to you soon. This will make your heart jump either with anger, compassion, or love.

The confession can be romantic like someone revealing their real feelings for you. It could also be a confession of past mistakes or wrongdoings and this confession will hurt you. Be prepared to listen to the confession regardless if it hurts you or not.

Is Finding a Ring a Good Sign From Heaven? 

A sign from heaven

Yes, many times finding a ring carries a positive sign from the heavens. It can be about messages of good things coming your way.

Other times it can be the opposite such as a warning of some hardships. Keep in mind that life is not all about fun and good luck.

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You may want to rejoice when you find a ring, especially an expensive one. But do not worry about the value in dollars or other currency of this piece of jewelry you found.

Instead, focus on what the heavens are telling you by letting you find a ring.

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