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7 Spiritual Meanings of Hearing a Train: Day and Night

7 Spiritual Meanings of Hearing a Train: Day and Night

You can say that I have this attachment to the sounds of trains. For one, I have this intricate and large train set that was nicely set up in our house.

It was big and a bit loud. I can still remember my excitement after my dad and I finished setting up the train set.

I also loved trains because I associated them with travel. There were some nice places I’ve been to abroad where train travel was the best (or at least less expensive) way of getting to a different location.

So, the sound of trains is a delightful sound for me and invokes great memories.

But one night I woke up to the sounds of the train. It was weird as my flat was nowhere near a train station and neither did I have a train set at home. 

I was perplexed at the sounds and then I remembered that this could be heaven’s way of telling me something. It was more than just a train sound that I was hearing but rather a message from the universe.

Spiritual Meaning of Hearing a Train At Night

man laying in bed worried

When you hear a train at night when there is none around, then this is a sign from the heavens to work harder for your dreams.

  • If the train sound only lasted a few minutes: then this is a sign to rest for the rest of the night so you have more energy in the coming days to work on your current goals;
  • If the train sound is persistent: a sound that can go on for more than a few minutes, then this could be a reminder from heaven to work harder and smarter to achieve your dreams.

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Spiritual Meaning of Hearing a Train in the Morning

woman looking outside window

When you hear a train in the morning but there is not one in sight, then this is heaven’s way of telling you to be careful of your thoughts and start your day with good things on your mind, just like hearing crickets.

Consider reflecting on your thought patterns and habits.

  • Ask yourself, what usually occupies your thoughts?
  • Are these thoughts joyful, pure, angry, vengeful, or envious?

Your thoughts can deeply affect your emotional state which is why the heavens are reminding you to be careful of what your mind entertains.

Ever heard of the saying, “Think happy thoughts?”

This is probably what the heavens have in mind for you when you hear train sounds in the morning.

The ones above are reminding you of the importance of starting each day right by thinking great thoughts rather than negative ones.

Spiritual Meaning of Hearing a Train During the Day

woman walking in the city

When you hear a train during the day then this is a sign that you will soon be traveling

It could be a short trip like a work-related trip. You could also potentially be moving homes or crossing state lines soon.

You may be traveling for leisure to rest.

  • Hearing a train during the day is a great omen;
  • Hearing them mid-morning could mean a short but eventful trip somewhere;
  • Hearing train sounds around lunchtime signals a trip to nature like the ocean or forest;
  • Hearing a train late in the afternoon means a possibility of travel for some relocation for work or school.

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7 Spiritual Meanings of Hearing a Train

7 Spiritual Meanings of Hearing a Train

1) Spiritual cleansing

Hearing a train even if there isn’t any around is a sign that you will soon undergo a major spiritual cleansing. This could be because of several reasons.

For one, the heavens may have noticed that you have been backsliding on your faith

For a time, your spiritual growth was great but now you have already regressed. So, the universe will lead you back by letting you do some spiritual cleansing.

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2) A missed opportunity

Have you experienced running very late which forces you to run to the train station as fast as you can?

And when you are on the platform, you see the train leaving, which means you’ve only missed for a couple of seconds.

And then you feel so much regret at the chance to have gotten on that train.

You may want to think of this when you hear the train sounds.

This is because the heavens are telling you that soon you will experience some disappointment because you missed a great opportunity. Sometimes the regret for these missed opportunities can be quite overwhelming so brace yourself.

3) A delayed blessing

The train sounds you hear could also signify that a blessing that you have long asked for will soon be coming your way.

It is likely that you are no longer anticipating this blessing and have given up on it.

The heavens are now telling you that something you really wanted badly will be yours soon.

This is a delayed blessing since you no longer thought it would happen or it was possible to get this thing you wanted.

But this is also heaven’s way of reminding you that the ones above have their own timelines and could grant your wishes at a later time.

4) A new hobby

The train sounds you hear could be a sign that you will soon have a new hobby. This new interest will keep you occupied during your free time.

You would be passionate about this new hobby and will eagerly share your new passion with others.

You may also find yourself investing money in the things you need to be great at this new hobby.

5) Death of a pet

Sadly, the train sounds could also be bad news. It is possible that you are being warned that a pet will die soon.

Perhaps this is your own pet, an animal you love so dearly. It could be the family’s pet and loved by your folks or siblings.

The pet that’s about to die could also be a great friend’s pet and so you will share in his or her sorrow.

6) Restful days

The train sounds could also be the heavens’ way of telling you that you will be able to rest well in the next few days or weeks.

If you are stressed, or feeling ill, then this is a welcome development.

The heavens know how hard you have been working or how difficult the last few days or weeks have been and so it will allow you to have days of meaningful rest.

7) A need to unburden

Hearing train sounds also could mean that you will soon unburden yourself.

If there is a thought or a past incident that has haunted you or continued to hurt you, then you will soon speak your truth and tell the people involved how you feel.

Maybe you have kept your emotions to yourself for some time now and finally, the perfect time has come for you to tell people your real feelings.

Soon, you will find relief because you have let go of painful emotions.

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Is Hearing a Train a Bad Spiritual Sign?

man looking at river

Sometimes hearing a train without one nearby is a sign of bad things to come. But not always because sometimes it is also about a good thing coming your way.

Other times, it is heaven’s way of reminding you of life’s lessons.

Final Words

Trains are noisy forms of transportation but for some, they are the best way of getting from one place to another.

When you hear train sounds when there is not one in sight, relax and ponder on the possible spiritual message being brought to you.

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