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Spiritual Meaning of Wolf Howling at The Moon: Bad Omen?

Spiritual Meaning of Wolf Howling at The Moon: Bad Omen?  

Today I will talk about the complete spiritual meaning of a wolf howling at the moon!

Wolves are often found in movies and books and depicted as strong, scary, and menacing.

You would find these animals as prominent characters or materials in fantasy-related media.

Practically every child is well aware of a wolf and its relationship with the moon, myself included. After all, it is widely believed that wolves are exceptionally powerful during the full moon. 

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a wolf so I would have special powers when the moon was out.

I recently overheard two kids in a restaurant animatedly talking about a wolf character and how dangerous this becomes when the moon is visible.

So, using the conversation I overheard, is it a bad omen when wolves howl at the moon? What does this stand for?

Spiritual Meaning of Wolf Howling

Wolf Howling

A wolf howling carries the spiritual meaning of wanting a deep and fulfilling spiritual journey. It is a sign that someone is a bit discontent about his or her spiritual life.

  • You may feel a lack of spiritual abundance. You long to feel content in your faith, and secure in your love and relationship with your creator or supreme being;
  • You may have this desire to work double time to bring others closer to the supreme being or spend more time coaching and guiding people on how to live a spiritually pleasing life;
  • You may be unhappy with your improvement as a person. You feel that you have not changed the bad habits that are keeping you from being a spiritually fulfilled person;
  • You may want to be recognized for your efforts to live a spiritually pleasing life. You may feel that others are blind to how much hard work you put into your spiritual journey.

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Spiritual Meaning of Wolf Howling at the Moon

wolf in snow

A wolf howling at the moon means that someone is calling for unity. This could also be a reflection of your feelings of discord.

  • You may be feeling that your work is in conflict with your religious beliefs and you don’t understand how to go on with your work when it is against your beliefs;
  • You may feel that you were blessed with talents and can be passionate about your projects but you are not able to put these gifts to good use. Your disappointment is not good for you, especially your mental health;
  • You may conflict with your family or other loved ones as you are following a different religion or going to a different church from theirs. You are feeling their animosity towards your religious preference.

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Wolf Howling at the Moon Symbol Meaning 

wolf howling

There is a popular saying that a lone wolf dies but the pack survives and this is the symbol meaning of a wolf howling at a moon.

When you come across a wolf howling at a moon whether in real life or media depiction, then think of how wolves can survive as long as they are together.

A single wolf trying to live his or her life will not survive long. In the wild, this wolf would likely be attacked by bigger animals like a bear. 

But when it is with the pack, then it can survive the harshest conditions like the coolest weather. Neither can it be attacked easily by the bigger animals.

And this symbol’s meaning applies to our lives.

Alone, we will not survive the hardships thrown at us but when we are with our pack, then we’ll survive and thrive.

9 Spiritual Meanings of Wolf Howling at the Moon 

9 Spiritual Meanings of Wolf Howling at the Moon 

1) A need for increased connection

A wolf howling at the moon spiritually is a reflection of your need for a more intimate connection. This is merely an echo of your real feelings of loneliness.

You are likely pretending that all is well in your life.

But in reality, you are feeling the need to have more people to connect to or to have someone to share your innermost thoughts.

Deep inside you are longing for a connection that makes you feel that the world will be alright and everything will be well.

You may also be envious of others who have someone they can share their problems and real feelings. You are like a lone wolf waiting for another wolf to keep him or her company.

2) Some good luck coming

A wolf howling at the moon sometimes could be a reason to rejoice. This, after all, could be a sign of good luck coming your way.

Good luck can be a small win or a big one.

It could be an everyday small miracle like being able to book a ride or light traffic when you are already running late.

It could also be something big like a promotion at work or confirmation of your pregnancy. 

3) A new love

A wolf that is howling at the moon can be a sign that a new love will be coming your way.

It doesn’t matter whether you are praying for one or not but the heavens will send you someone to love.

This person could possibly make you feel the deep kind of love or love that is unconditional.

You may have the desire to be with this person all the time or get to know this person most intimately. You will also experience some roller-coaster emotions with this person.

4) Feeling threatened

The wolf howling at the moon reflects your feelings of being threatened. There is likely someone or some circumstances that are making you doubt yourself.

You may be feeling inadequate or fearful that you will lose something valuable. Take the time to reflect on what is causing you to feel threatened and pray about it.

5) Healing is on its way

If you have been sick, and you come across a wolf howling at the moon, then take this to mean that you will soon be healed.

This is heaven’s way of telling you that your illness will soon be gone.

If you have not been feeling normal or going through the usual routines because of your illness, then be prepared for the normalcy of life coming to you soon.

6) Trust the universe

If you are going through some tough times, then let the howling wolf at the moon remind you that the universe is in control.

You simply need to trust the heavens have plans for you.

Simply keep the faith, continue communicating with the ones above, and ask for strength. All will be well soon, simply trust the universe.

7) You are being betrayed

The wolf howling at the moon can also be a warning of a coming betrayal.

Someone close to you may reveal your innermost secrets, steal from you, or say the nastiest things behind your back.

You will feel utterly disappointed at the way this person betrayed you.

For a time, you will grieve over what happened to you and this person and you will feel that you have lost something substantial. You may want to brace yourself for some real hurt.

8) A ghost nearby

The wolf howling at the moon can be a sign that a ghost is around.

Many people say that wolves are special because they can see or feel things that people and other animals cannot see or feel. Ghosts in this case can be one of them.

The wolf is likely howling both at the moon and at the ghost. The animal considers the ghost as a stranger so it is asking the ghost to go away by howling.

9) Rethink your burning ambition

A wolf howling at the moon is a signal from the heavens that you need to rethink your burning ambition.

Ask yourself what is the one or two things you’ve been working hard to achieve and how far are you in reaching them.

The howling wolf could be a sign from the ones above that what you want may not be given to you as the universe has other plans for you.

This means you can spend so many hours working towards this goal but you still won’t achieve them.

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Wolf Howling at the Moon Tattoo Meaning 

arctic wolf howling

A wolf howling at the moon tattoo is actually a reflection of your pretension.

This means that the universe is well aware of your pretenses and is telling you to put an end to it.

Pretending, after all, is also lying. And sooner or later you won’t be able to keep up with the pretension as truth will always be revealed.

Is a Wolf Howling at the Moon a Bad Omen? 

winter wolf looking

The wolf howling at the moon is typically depicted as a sign of bad things about to happen.

But spiritually, this isn’t true. It may sometimes serve as a warning of some bad things about to happen but other times it is a message of good things coming your way.

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Final Words

We’ve all seen images of wolves howling at the moon if not in real life at least in media like movies, TV shows, or graphic novels.

In real life, this comes with a message from the heavens. Reflect on what the possible message is and heed to what the heavens are telling you.

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