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​​Spitting in Someone’s Mouth Spiritual Meaning: Is It BAD?

​​Spitting in Someone's Mouth Spiritual Meaning: Is It BAD?

I have personally never witnessed seeing someone spitting in someone’s mouth.

I once guessed this practice is something you do in the confines of your bedrooms and homes. 

I never really thought of this until a friend mentioned that this is a ritual for some people.

She said it was a way to transfer good things to someone you care about. My friend told me to liken spitting in someone’s mouth to mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

I vowed then to know more about this spitting in someone’s mouth and whether this has a spiritual meaning behind it.

The Spiritual Practice of Spitting in Someone’s Mouth

Practice of Spitting in Someone's Mouth

Many believe that the practice of spitting on someone is rooted in spiritual beliefs. 

Some indulged in this practice in the belief that it can help spiritually purify the person receiving. Mankind is sinful and there is no single person who has never committed any sin. 

We do bad things to others. Some of our actions are against the words of the Supreme Being. And so we need to be spiritually cleansed.

Spitting in someone’s mouth is a way to get rid of or absolve the person receiving the spit from his or her sins.

This practice is viewed as one of the few things men can do to purify themselves. It is a way of letting go of the other person’s sins as well as removal of his or her impurities.

It may sound counterintuitive as you may think that spitting into another person’s mouth is another way of spreading bacteria.

But for some spiritual groups, this practice is done to purify another person.

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What Does it Mean When Someone Spits in Your Mouth?

couple kissing

When someone spits in your mouth, this is because he or she is solidifying your spiritual bond.

This is a way of saying that your spiritual bond with this person or the group he or she belongs to has been established.

The act of spitting or receiving spit from a different person is an intimate one. It’s not your usual gesture like: 

  • Kissing someone on the cheek;
  • Shaking hands;
  • Hugging.

This is why for some, spitting in the mouth is a way of saying that you are now bonded spiritually

Two people have done this intimate gesture to signal the start of a long-lasting bond that cannot easily be broken. 

You may want to think of it as something like a blood pact among other tribes or people.

Once you have engaged in this practice then you are bonded for life and for good.

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Spiritual Meaning of Spitting in Someone’s Mouth

Spiritual Meaning of Spitting in Someone's Mouth

When you spit in someone’s mouth, this is because you are telling this person that you have accepted him or her wholeheartedly. It is a way of saying that you have faith in this person.

This act means that you are telling the world that you are accepting the past of the person whose mouth you are spitting into.

It doesn’t matter what this person has done in the past or the kind of person he or she was.

The moment you spit into his or her mouth, you are accepting this person wholeheartedly including the flaws and strengths.

Spiritual Meaning of Spitting in Your Partner’s Mouth

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When you are spitting in your partner’s mouth, then you are claiming your ownership over this person. This act is a way of telling that he or she is yours in body, mind, and soul.

You are spitting in your partner’s mouth to signify monogamy. This means that his or her body is yours alone to enjoy.

No one can touch your partner’s body or engage in any intimate act with him or her. This is also a way of affirming your loyalty to your partner.

Spitting in your partner’s mouth also means that you two will share everything from this moment onwards. Sharing means:

  • You would share thoughts consistently and effectively. Communication will be a priority to ensure that your partnership lasts a long time;
  • You would share the material wealth. What is yours is also owned by your partner. There is no hiding of funds, money, or properties from one another. It doesn’t matter who acquired what item as both partners will get to use and enjoy the acquisition;
  • You would share bodily fluids as well for procreation purposes if you are married. This means intimacy is important to both so you can go forth and multiply as the Bible has commanded.

Biblical Meaning of Spitting in Someone’s Mouth

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Spitting in someone’s mouth has several biblical meanings:

  • Protection: The person whose mouth is being spitted to is being protected by the person spitting or the spiritual group they are in. Maybe the recipient is undergoing some minor spiritual attacks and this is why he or she is receiving additional protection. Perhaps this person is also feeling a bit vulnerable and needs some spiritual reinforcement via spitting;
  • Bad spell: Spitting in someone’s mouth could also mean that the person being spitted into is receiving a bad spell. The one spitting has some bad intention for the other person and gives off bad luck to the person by spitting into his or her mouth.
  • Domination: Spitting into someone’s mouth also biblically means domination. The person spitting is basically saying to everyone that he is the authority and above the person who is at the receiving end of the spitting ritual. 
  • Anointing of the leader: This ritual could also be the religious group’s way of anointing a new leader. This person is no longer a mere member of the group. He or she has gone from being a member of the pack to a higher role or position in the group. The person spitting into another person’s mouth engages in this practice because only a few designated members, those in a position can spit into another person’s mouth.

How to Spit in Someone’s Mouth for a Ritual?

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Rituals regarding spitting into someone’s mouth may vary from one culture or spiritual group to another.

In some groups or cultures, they may gather in a circle to spit into each other’s mouths.

This means that the first person will spit on the person on his or her left or right side, and the person who received the saliva will then spit into the mouth of the next person. 

This will go on until everyone in the circle is finished spitting onto the person beside him or her.

Other groups may have other activities before the spitting-into-mouth practice.

They may, for example, have a reading of the word, bonfire, or prayers during the gathering before they start the practice of spitting into a person’s mouth.

There are no hard and fast rules on how to spit into someone’s mouth for a ritual.

But as a safety precaution, you may want to brush your teeth first, rinse your mouth, or gargle to minimize the transfer of bacteria from your mouth to the other person. 

What Can Happen if Someone Spits in Your Mouth?

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Medical practitioners would warn against spitting into another person’s mouth or letting another person spit into your mouth.

Spitting, after all, comes with several health risks.

One person could pass some diseases or illnesses to the other person through the spit. For example, if you have colds then the person who received the saliva can also catch the cold you have.

Is This Ritual Dangerous?

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Yes, this ritual can be quite dangerous if you ask doctors.

The saliva you are spitting into another person’s mouth can help spread different diseases.

The illnesses that can be passed on via saliva include hepatitis, TB, common herpes, and so on.

This is why doctors recommend the person who received the saliva act quickly by washing the saliva off.

In this ritual, this means gargling with a solution such as salt and water in the hope of killing the bacteria.

Spitting out the saliva as quickly as possible is also recommended by doctors.

If the person who engaged in the practice of spitting into another person’s mouth either as the one who is spitting or receiving feels sick, then he or she must consult with a doctor immediately.

The people who engaged in this ritual could have gotten ill.

Other groups may prohibit going to a medical doctor. In this case, the spiritual group will have its own medical guidelines.

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Final Words

It’s not every day that you will encounter someone spitting into another person’s mouth. But this practice does exist in some cultures and religious groups.

It also has deep spiritual meanings for many which is why they continue with this tradition

Others may find spitting into another person’s mouth as hygienic but it is rooted in deep beliefs for some.

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