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7 Biblical Meanings of Someone Drowning in a Dream

7 Biblical Meanings of Someone Drowning in a Dream

Drowning is one of the worst things that can happen to your loved one.

Sadly, despite warnings and precautions on beaches, resorts, and other tourist areas, there are still some people who drown.

I remember many years back how a cousin drowned to his death. He was an adult who at the beach enjoyed meeting the waves.

He was not surfing, he just merely swam towards the waves to meet them. It seemed like meeting the waves must have tired him out and he drowned.

The family, especially his parents, and siblings, were devastated. But they took comfort that my cousin is now up in the heavens. 

Recently I dreamt of this cousin, which prompted me to ask if there are biblical meanings of someone drowning in dreams.

Biblical Meaning of Someone Drowning in a Dream

Someone Drowning in a Dream

Let’s start by talking about the biblical meanings of the drowning of the following people:

  • Yourself;
  • An unknown person;
  • A known person;
  • A child.

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You are drowning in the dream:

woman drowning

Different people can drown in your dream including yourself. The dream where you drown seems like a nightmare.

It makes you wake up shaking with fear and anxiety. But do not panic.

If you dream that you are drowning, this is because the heavens above are telling you a strong message. That is you need to undergo a massive transformation.

The dream is similar to a wake-up call. Where you need to make massive changes in order to live a more meaningful or healthier life. 

Massive changes can mean any of the following:

  • Quit bad habits or lose weight;
  • End a romantic or a friendship relationship;
  • Change jobs.

The list is not exhaustive, meaning there are other changes you can do to transform your life.

Just remember drowning in your dream means the universe is telling you that change is necessary.

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Known person drowning in a dream:

Known person drowning

When you dream that a person you know is drowning, then know that the bible’s meaning of this dream is to hold people close and love them the best way you can.

Many times, we take for granted the presence of the people we love and care about.

We don’t spend enough time with them. We postpone meeting up or do not even bother to ask them how they are.

  • Are you one of these people who do not take the time to show how much you value the people in your life?

If the answer is yes and you dream that a person known to you is drowning, then remember that the ones above are telling you to value those people you love.

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Unknown person drowning in a dream:

Unknown person drowning

If you dream that an unknown person is drowning, this is because the ones above are telling you to care for strangers, too.

But the bible says to love and help one another.

It tells us to care for others and not just ourselves and those close to us. Sadly, many of us forget this.

And so the universe finds a way to remind them by letting you dream of an unknown person drowning.

Child drowning in dream:

child playing sea

One of the worst things to see and experience is to have a child drown. And so if you dream of this, it is natural for you to feel very bad.

But this dream does have a deep biblical meaning. That is to keep our innocence like that of a child

Do you remember how you were as a child? You were curious and you barely thought ill of anyone or considered causing another person harm.

But as you grow older you lose this childlike innocence. You grow up to think negatively of others and even plot ways to cause them pain.

When your dream involves a child drowning, then remember that it is better to have childlike innocence and wonder.

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7 Biblical Meanings of Someone Drowning in a Dream

7 Biblical Meanings of Someone Drowning in a Dream

1) You are forgiven for your sins

Jesus died on the cross for us. This is the basic premise of Christianity. And this is also why the bible talks about how we are saved by grace by the Lord.

When you dream of someone drowning in a dream, it is a reminder from the Lord of the grace he has given us.

He gave us his only son to die and redeem us from sin.

We only need to accept him in his life and we can live in heaven with our father. We forget this many times, thinking that good work is the only way to heaven.

But many forget too that the bible says that we only need to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior and we can live an eternal life.

When we dream that someone is drowning, then may it be a reminder of the Lord’s grace.

2) Learn to forgive

Similar to the message that we are forgiven by Christ, dreaming of drowning is heaven’s way of telling us that we need to forgive others too.

Many times we feel this way:

  • Angry for a long time;
  • Revengeful;
  • Not willing to make peace or negotiate.

If we are feeling these things above and more, and then we dream of drowning then it is a spiritual message that we should be like Christ who sent us his son to redeem our sin.

Thus, we should be more forgiving of others.

3) You can be pure

Water in the bible is used to symbolize a pure life. In many regions, baptism is done in the water because our sins can be purified.

Dreaming of drowning should remind you that water biblically means that sins can be washed away.

If you dream of someone drowning and have been feeling that you have been a bad person, then remember that your sins can be washed, too.

Do not be discouraged about how you have behaved. You can be cleansed.

4) Do not be bitter

Waters may cause someone’s drowning but water is not at all times destructive. This means that in many cases, water is not deadly but gives us life.

We need water in our life to live much like air and other elements. And even though it can cause us sorrow and pain, water is also a source of life.

This is one of the biblical meanings of dreaming of someone drowning.

The dream is a reminder that something or someone in life may have caused us pain and suffering but this doesn’t mean that we should remain bitter about it.

The water is a good example as it can cause injury and even death but it is also a giver of life.

Thus, your dream of drowning is a reminder to not let painful experiences get the better of us.

5) Prosperity is on its way

Drowning may be about suffering and tragedy but when you dream of it, this could also mean the opposite.

If you have dreamt that someone is drowning, then the heavens may be telling you to brace yourself for blessings to come.

In particular, the ones above are telling you that prosperity is on its way.

Many wonder why the heavens have to somehow let you know of the coming prosperity. But that is probably because not everyone gets to handle prosperity well.

The spiritual world wants you to know how to handle this incoming prosperity so it allows you to dream of a drowning person.

6) Strength 

Water is such a strong force that it can cause hurt and suffering to someone.

When you dream of someone drowning because it has this biblical message: there is strength within you.

We normally do not associate water with strength. As water is simply one of the earth’s elements.

But the heavens then allow us to dream of how water can be so strong and take away someone by drowning. 

And so we must be reminded that as in the bible, there is so much strength in all of us.

7) Renew your faith 

  • Have you had a falling out with God?
  • Or perhaps you have not been as religious or prayerful as you were? 

If this is the case and you dream of drowning, then it is because the heavens are reminding you to renew your faith.

It begins by talking to God again and telling him what is in your heart. 

There is nothing fancy required in renewing your faith.

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Is this Dream Negative? Should I Be Concerned?

woman underwater

Dreaming of someone drowning is not negative. It is not a warning that tragedy is about to strike.

Instead of worrying, you should reflect on the above biblical meanings of drowning as they can help you deepen your faith and become a much better person.

Final Words

Drowning may be a tragic thing to happen. But when you dream of it, it is not because you are to experience something just as awful.

Drowning has spiritual and biblical meanings and messages. Reflect on how the above meanings are related to your life.

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