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Seeing Period Blood In Dream Spiritual Meaning: 7 Signs

Seeing Period Blood In Dream Spiritual Meaning: 7 Signs

Did you happen to dream about a horrific period blood accident last night?

Well, believe it or not, that dream may actually have some connection with your reality!

In this article, we’ll go over everything there is to know about period blood in dreams and what aspects of your life they may highlight

Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

Seeing Period Blood In A Dream Spiritual Meaning

tampons and pads

First and foremost, understand that seeing visuals of period blood in your dreams is NOT a good omen.

Although you may think it just signifies fear of blood or periods, that isn’t necessarily the cause in most cases. 

Period blood can be a sign that you’ve done something horribly wrong in your life, and regret will flood your heart soon.

The spiritual world uses the visual of period blood as a way to warn you about things and command you to be more careful on a daily basis

Dreaming About Getting Your Period:

Dreaming about getting your period could be a sign that you’re ignoring something very important and stressful in your life

There could be family problems, health concerns, or financial issues that may constantly be begging you for immediate attention…BUT…you recklessly don’t seem to be giving a damn about them

The spiritual world is likely warning you about this problem through the dream and commanding you to put adequate attention in the right place before things get worse.

Dreaming About Heavy Period Bleeding:

Dreaming about heavy menstrual bleeding at night could indicate that you’ll face an emergency the next day

This could be anything from a major car accident or robbery to some kind of serious illness that poses a threat to your life/well-being. 

Your guardian angel may be warning you about this emergency beforehand as a preventive measure so you can be extra cautious about where you plant your feet. 

Dreaming About Menstrual Blood Clots:

Menstrual blood clots in dreams could mean that there’s someone in your life who’s toxifying and corrupting you internally.  

The spiritual world is likely warning you about this person and requesting you to get rid of him/her from your life as they may be weighing you down and spoiling your heart with negativity and evil ideas. 

Dreaming About Period Blood On Face:

Dreaming about period blood on the face can be a horrific visual to witness or even imagine.

It likely means that you’re feeling degraded and embarrassed from deep within.

Such feelings may arise from a recent incident in your life or any direct humiliating remark passed by someone whose words really pierced your heart

The visual of blood on your face suggests that you’re shattered from the inside and have a burning hate for yourself at the moment. 

Dreaming About Heavy Menstrual Flow:

If you frequently have dreams about heavy menstrual flow, it may hint at the neglect of health and well-being

You see, God has given you a mind, heart, and body to feel and understand all that happens around you but that doesn’t mean you turn a blind eye to what’s taking place on the inside. 

Health issues may slowly be crippling both your physical and mental strength and, if not paid attention to, it may cost you your gift of life.

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Biblical Meaning Of Menstrual Blood In A Dream

reproductive system

In the bible, menstruation blood is seen as “something unclean” that stains a woman for about seven days. 

Therefore, having dreams about menstruation blood could be a biblical sign that you’re in an impure state of mind or ridden with evil.

God may be commanding you to shun all vices and allow the holy spirit to freely dwell in your heart. 

By doing so, not only are you a fighter in the eyes of God but also in a state of worship that can lead to your prayers being fulfilled in no time.

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7 Spiritual Signs Of Seeing Period Blood In A Dream

7 Spiritual Signs Of Seeing Period Blood In A Dream

1) Feeling Suffocated

A common meaning of seeing period blood in dreams is that you’re feeling mentally suffocated.

Many times, this suffocating feeling could be a result of toxic people and their negative energy floating around in your environment.

It clenches your heart and mind and drags you into a tight dark hole that can make everything from relationships to social situations feel extremely suffocating. 

Your creativity, ability to feel pleasure, and overall mental functioning can also take a huge toll because of this.

2) Overwhelming And Imbalanced Emotions

Periods and the menstrual cycle are known for messing up emotional function and processing.

Therefore, dreaming about menstrual blood can be a sign of imbalanced or trapped emotions.

There could be hundreds of reasons why you may feel that way i.e. childhood trauma, a recent divorce/breakup, being neglected by your social circle, or even just not having anyone to share things with.

Over time, the junk of your emotions builds up in your heart and starts negatively affecting major aspects of your everyday life. 

3) You Want To Feel Loved

Whether you recently fell in love or are just craving the feeling of being intimately touched by a special someone who isn’t in your life anymore, seeing period blood in your dreams can be a sign that you’re desperately pleading for love

Now, depending on your circumstances in life, wanting to feel loved likely means that you were unsuccessful in achieving love in the first place.

Love may have kept its distance from you or left you heartbroken with no apologies

It could be a sign of trauma or general loneliness stemming from having nobody in your life to share intimate moments with. 

4) Intimate Frustration

If intimacy in your relationship seems to be on the rocks, you may have the usual dreams about period blood signifying it. 

In most cases, it’s the spiritual world telling you that you’re depriving yourself of the gift of desire and intimate pleasure.

Possible reasons behind this frustration could be stress, communication barriers in your relationship, or some kind of dysfunction that may be flooding your mind with anxiety at the wrong times. 

Consider the menstruation dreams as a sign to address your body’s needs and express the desire to spice up your bedroom life. 

5) You’re About To Get Married!

In many Eastern cultures, it is believed that unmarried or divorced women dream about menstruation when they’re close to getting married

This obviously doesn’t mean you’ll get married the very next day but it can give you a rough idea that you’re about to come across “your person” and fall in love with him/her. From there, the next step would be marriage.

6) Get Tension Off Your Chest

Oftentimes, period blood can just be a sign that there’s something you need to get off your chest

It may be a burden you’re carrying unnecessarily, unsaid truths, secrets, or some kind of troublesome suspicion that has been eating your mind away. 

The spiritual world may be giving you the green light to let out whatever you’re holding inside because, if you hold it any longer, you may enter a state of insanity and problematic mental functioning. 

7) Need For Spiritual Purification

Whether there’s evil and resentment in your heart or not, spiritual purification of the soul is a need for everyone in this universe

Dreams about menstrual blood remind you of that need. 

Not only does embracing purity bring anger, bad intentions, and negative thoughts and ideas under control but it also allows you to connect with your soul and detach from worldly needs

The concept of spiritual purification is a beautiful one as it awakens a new realm within the mind and encourages you to do good beyond this world.

You’ll be recognized as someone who inspires, practices true gratitude, spreads kindness, and carries a sort of divine essence within himself/herself. 

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Is Seeing Menstruation Blood A Negative Omen?

menstruation pad

Unfortunately…yes…seeing menstruation blood in a dream is a negative omen in most cases. 

However, depending on what circumstances, problems, and personal phases you may be going through in life, the actual message of the dream could vary for different people. 

Since menstruation blood is often viewed as something impure and unholy excreted from the human body, dreaming about it is very likely a sign of evil capturing the heart and desires.

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Should I Be Concerned Spiritually?

period related things

Seeing period blood in your dreams is DEFINITELY something to be concerned about!

It is a sign that you’re in an impure wicked state where you’ve distanced yourself from God and spirituality.

Moral righteousness, good judgment, and self-awareness may all be lost with the evil floating around your heart

If you don’t make a change in the right direction even after being given such signs through dreams, the consequences of being drenched in corruption and sinfulness will certainly cause your life to start decaying at a rapid pace.

You’ll be cursed and avoided by God and his angels since purity cannot dwell near someone who embraces evil.

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Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now: seeing period blood in your dreams isn’t something you should ignore.

It’s likely a sign from the spiritual world commanding you to take a step in the right direction and move away from the path of evil and impurity before it’s too late. 

However, menstruation blood is not only frowned upon spiritually but also biblically and it is believed to be an impurity in many scriptures.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that dreams involving menstruation blood don’t signify anything other than disconnection from God and his ways. 

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