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7 Biblical Meanings of Being Born With a Veil

7 Biblical Meanings of Being Born With a Veil

The birth of a baby is always a joyous occasion. But not all births go according to plan.

Some would surprise you and leave you shocked for a while.

One of these occasions is when a baby is born in a veil. You may think of veils that are worn by ladies at church for traditional religions.

The veil is a different one. It is actually the amniotic sac, which in regular births is gone once the baby comes out.

This is a rare case as they say. After all, en caul birth or in a more plain language, being born in a veil happens one in every 80,000 births. That is a rare occurrence.

And in this post, I’d like to explore the following topics:

  • The biblical meaning of an En Caul birth;
  • Biblical signs that you were born with a veil.

Let’s start?

En Caul Birth Biblical Meaning

En Caul Birth Biblical Meaning

There is a strong biblical meaning when the baby is born in a veil.

The amniotic sac is meant to protect the baby from external risks while the baby is in the mother’s womb. And the biblical meaning is not so far off.

En caul birth biblically means that God is extremely protective of this small human being.

While other infants no longer have the amniotic sacs with them as they come out of their mother’s womb, some babies have. 

This is some sort of special favor. It is not simply a medical aberration or rarity but instead it is because the heavens above are extremely protective of the baby.

Maybe it is because the universe has special plans for the baby or maybe other extremely strong forces want to hurt the infant.

Whatever the reason an en caul birth means the heavens have given more protection for the particular child.

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4 Biblical Signs You Were Born With a Veil 

Biblical Signs You Were Born With a Veil

Different biblical signs are pointing to the fact that you are born with a veil. Here are four of them.

You are accident prone:

Have you as a baby or child experienced these things?

  • Fallen of the crib or bed;
  • Hurt while crawling;
  • Fell off the small bike;
  • Bump often into furniture.

These occurrences above are proof that you are accident-prone.

It is not because adults are not watching over you. In fact, your parents or caregiver are looking after you like a hawk.

But for some reason, you remain accident-prone. You get yourself scratched, bumped, or hurt.

This is an indication that you were born with that rare veil.

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You dislike being mixed with other toddlers:

How were you as a toddler? Many parents set up their children for play dates with their relatives or kids of their friends.

These parents, after all, love seeing their kids playing with other children their age.

However, some children seem to dislike the presence of other kids their age.

Were you one of them? Did you ever hear your parents or guardian say that you were not particularly fond of being mixed with other babies or toddlers?

If yes, it could be because you were born with that veil. That sac was meant to protect you but for some reason, it comes off as a barrier from having fun with other small kids.

You are fussy:

Many people are very particular about how things should be done or the order of things. In other words, they are fussy people.

When you have such a small tolerance for things that look disorganized or you get annoyed at people who don’t do things the proper way, then it could be because you were born with a veil.

  • You want order;
  • You want things done properly;
  • You dislike when people deviate from the right process.

And the list can go on but the reason behind this can be the same: you were born en caul.

You don’t trust people easily:

You were born with extra protection, with the cover that should have not been there in the first place anymore.

And so you cannot take the words of others lightly. You do not take what other people have to say at face value.

People cannot expect you to trust them that easily. They need to earn your trust. They need to work hard and prove themselves worthy of your time, attention, and confidence.

It’s like being fussy with things, except this time, it is about trusting others. You need to spend a lot of time with people before you share things and feelings with them. And it is all because you were born with a veil.

The veil is an added layer meant to protect you so you take great pains to guard yourself too from other people.

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7 Biblical Meaning of Being Born With a Veil


Here are the biblical meanings of being born with a veil.

1) Unknown forces want to harm you

The higher beings know what they were doing when they placed you in a veil when you came out.

This is because sometimes unknown forces want to harm you. This means that some babies or people are just more prone to attacks of external forces. The gods did their job by giving you additional protection.

They don’t want you hurt.

They don’t want your parents to worry all the time.

So they gave you additional protection.

2) Your vulnerability is an asset

You were born in a veil because there is a vulnerability within you. But this is not a weakness. Instead, it can be your strength.

As such, you need to use this to your advantage to live a full life.

For example, if you have a compassionate heart, that is your vulnerability. Play up this strength by doing well such as helping the poor or whoever is in need, making sure that everyone achieves justice or living your life with meaning and purpose.

3) You need to be mindful

In life, many elements and people just want to hurt others. You were placed in a veil as a baby because there seem to be more elements who wish you harm.

As such, you need to be mindful of your thoughts and actions. When you spend so much time in negative thoughts then you are prone to attacks from external forces

Similarly, when you don’t sincerely do things, then you are letting those who have ill intentions win.

4) Protect others, too

This is about paying it back

Your veil as an infant was meant to protect you.

The universe has intended it this way. 

So, now that you are an adult, then make sure to pay back the higher beings who gave you more protection.

You must then use your blessings to protect those who are weak in this world.

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5) Be careful around babies

You may have been protected as an infant but this doesn’t mean other babies have the same protection, too.

In fact, you may have the opposite effect on babies and children, so you must be careful when you are around them.

They are vulnerable around you but not all have the same kind of protection you had.

6) You are meant for greatness

Being wrapped in your amniotic sac means that you are rare, unique, and special. 

This is an outright declaration from the universe that as a baby you have been selected for greatness.

You must know this and live to strive for greatness all the time.

7) Consider living a life for others

Have you thought of what you should be doing with your life? How about living a life for others?

This means devoting your time and effort full time to making the world a better place rather than enriching yourself.

Not everyone is born with their sac still covering them. You are rare but that is because the universe also wants a different path for you.

Many people grow up to find careers that will give them a comfortable life. But this may not be the same for you as the higher beings may want you to live and use your gifts differently.

Being Born with a Veil Over Your Eyes Meaning


When you were born with a veil over your eyes, it’s because you have a spiritual gift. That is you have the gift of foresight.

This means that you may see some of the universe’s plans for the future. You may be able to foretell what is to happen. What you need to do is hone this gift.

Born With a Veil Over Your Face Superstition 

Veil Over Baby Face

Babies who are born with veils over their faces are believed to be very lucky people

Many people say that the veil on the face means that the child will grow up to have an abundant, rich, and meaningful life.

Is Being Born With a Veil a Bad Sign? 


No, being born with a veil is not a bad sign. In fact, it points to the fact that you are rare and special.

You may even have gifts that others do not possess.

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Final Words

Being born with a veil may be a rare occurrence. But it is nothing to be ashamed of or worried about.

It has strong biblical meanings and signs that you must know so you can live a life that is pleasing to the universe and higher beings that gave you this extra protection.

5 thoughts on “7 Biblical Meanings of Being Born With a Veil”

  1. My name is Dorothy and I was born with a veil I also have a lot of knowledge and spirituality and dreams and I talk about the Lord to people all the time even if I don’t know them I love Jesus with my hold heart.

  2. I was born with a veil over My face.I realize I do have a gift Of discernment. My grandmother’s And mother said I was special and I was also born on Mothers day 1949.

  3. I too wondered for years who I was coming from a family of 14 siblings I felt strange a feeling of indifference misunderstood until start reading about caul bearer n it’s meaning I began to understand myself lit more

  4. I have been told from several of the family members aunt and sisters that I was born with the veil over my face I read up on it and still I’m not quite clear on what is expected of me because I see no difference other than I am having a hard time in life just as things try to get better with me it make a turn for the negative my life is like a roller coaster I’m up I’m down I mostly down and I am a person who do not believe in giving up I continue to fight because I feel that something good will happen someday but now I am in my late age I wonder will it ever come forth for positive things in my life about foreseeing I want to be a person of doing things good but it always backfire in me or it makes me babble to make me think I don’t know what I’m talking about is in my head but not coming out of my mouth

  5. My son was also born with a veil and having a medical health conditions. He was diagnosed with bipolar and hearing voices.

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