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7 Cicada Spiritual Meaning: in House and Landing On You

7 Cicada Spiritual Meaning: in House and Landing On You

Unlike most insects, cicadas do not harm humans.

They are believed to be one of the friendliest insects on the planet. 

So, when a cicada lands on you, there is nothing to fear. You are not susceptible to any form of harm. 

  • Now, what if you suddenly feel off about this experience? 
  • What if you begin to feel an inner tremor after seeing the cicada on your body?
  • How can you decode what this means?

Don’t worry too much. 

In this article, I will reveal to you that cicadas are spiritual creatures.

Beyond their friendly qualities, a lot of spiritual omens, signs, and messages can be sent to us through them. 

Read this article to understand the 7 spiritual meanings of seeing a cicada in your house or landing on you. 

Spiritual meaning of a cicada


This insect comes in various forms and colors. Because of this, it represents the variations in life.

It reminds us that we will never be the same in shapes, perceptions, backgrounds, mental strength, emotional strength, and so on. 

The beauty of life is not found in uniformity.

It is found when we decide to embrace each other despite our uniqueness

Seeing a cicada reminds you of this truth. It tells you to stop viewing the world around you with a lens of cynicism.

The way you view yourself has to be different from how you view others. 

Another spiritual message from this insect encourages you to learn to accept other people’s opinions.

These opinions can/will differ from yours. However, you must embrace humility and open-mindedness in dealing with people. 

Sticking to your ideas, plans, thought patterns, and idiosyncrasies will do you no good. It limits your scope of knowledge and implementation.

Take this as a special message from the cicada spirit animal.

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Spiritual meaning of a cicada in house

Cicada in house

In spirituality, when a cicada comes into your home, it is seen as a unique message to you.

The insect wants you to stay in your safe space.

Quit trying to be like other people – when you’ve discovered your uniqueness. 

Embrace your uniqueness because that is your safe space. In your uniqueness, it becomes easy for you to express yourself without feeling restrained. 

At night, when you suddenly see a cicada flying in your living room, this sign tells you to freely explore. This means that there are possibilities within you that need to be aroused.

Another special message from this encounter talks about having a healthy self-esteem. That is, you have to stop looking down on yourself.

No matter how weak or vulnerable you feel, remind yourself that the best of your life is ahead. 

The beautiful wings of a cicada mean you should not take things too personally. Let go of the grip. Life comes and goes.

Don’t spend the whole of your life being uptight and emotionally unstable.

The moment you find a cicada in your home, it is a sign of emotional stability and joyfulness.

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Spiritual meaning of a cicada landing on you

Spiritual meaning of a cicada landing on you

When a cicada lands on you, it is a spiritual sign that there is something special about your life.

This experience reveals that you have a unique purpose to pursue. In the spiritual world, seeing a cicada on you implies that the universe has a special plan for you. 

When you realize this, the benefits are immeasurable. Understanding that there is a divine plan for your life eliminates all forms of distraction and unhealthy comparison. It also enhances your spirituality by inspiring you to listen more to your inward intuition. 

Another spiritual meaning of a cicada landing on you speaks of embracing who you are.

Rather than trying to be like others, stick with who God has made you. Your uniqueness is tied to your purpose. 

This is also a sign of determination.

The cicada landed on you as a motivation sign. It is telling you to remain on the path you’ve chosen and be determined to attain the heights of success. 

When a cicada lands on you in the morning, it is believed to be a sign of good luck.

Therefore, if you’re going through any difficulty, take this as a sigh of relief. Through this sign, you are going to experience something good in your life pretty soon.

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Dead cicada spiritual meaning

Dead cicada

When you see a dead cicada, it is a sign of laziness and procrastination

A dead insect cannot move. 

This is the same with a lazy individual. 

You have not made significant progress in your life because of laziness, and the spiritual world wants you to get out of this negative mold. 

Therefore, whether you saw the dead cicada in real life, or your dreams, it is a spiritual sign of laziness. It warns you against procrastination. 

Get to work

If you’ve made any plans, take the first step by trying to implement them. 

Another spiritual meaning of seeing a dead cicada point towards grounding. Its presence means you should remain connected to the earth’s elements.

When you do this, it helps your mental stability.

Also, this ensures that your spiritual senses are heightened

A dead cicada represents the part of your life that has to go. The moment you find this insect in your house, it indicates that it is time to let go of what no longer serves you.

This is an omen that eliminates distractions and all other unnecessary mental and emotional pieces of baggage.

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7 Superstitions about cicadas

Superstitions about cicadas

Cicadas are not new creatures!

They existed and are more predominant in ancient times than today. 

In those days, cultural and religious contexts had certain beliefs concerning them

It’s crucial to look into these superstitious beliefs. They help our minds to revere and appreciate the presence of this unique insect. 

Therefore, read on to discover the 7 superstitions about cicadas. 

1) Harbingers of Summer

In certain cultures, it is believed that the presence of cicadas reveals the arrival of summer.

Once a cicada is sighted, it automatically becomes a sign that a season has changed. Because of this, a lot of people have seen this insect as a revealer of times and seasons. 

For example, if you find this insect in your house at night, it is believed to represent the end of a season in your life. Seeing it in the morning is a sign that a new season of your life has begun

The cicada symbolism helps people to understand the season of their lives and align themselves with it. 

Beyond a predictor of summer, cicadas are omens of times and seasons

2) Unity and Harmony

Because of how synchronized the chirping sounds of cicadas are, they are believed to represent unity and harmony.

This is used to represent the act of working together as a community

In those days, the presence of cicadas could inspire young men to work on farmland, encourage young women to fill their homes with water, and so on. 

This is still applicable today!

The presence of this insect helps us to work together with others. It reminds us that “we are stronger together than alone”. 

With the help of cicadas, we can erect strong friendship bonds and circles. 

3) Spirits of ancestors

In some cultures, cicadas are seen as the spirit of ancestors.

They are seen as a channel through which people can commune with their dead loved ones. 

Additionally, these insects represent the spiritual realm.

When you find them around you, it implies that you need to awaken your spiritual senses. 

4) Harvest

Because these insects are an omen of summer, they are also believed to represent harvest.

When farmers begin to find cicadas in their homes, they believe it to be a sign that their crops are getting ripe for harvest. 

In today’s world, when you start seeing cicadas in your home, or landing on you, it means that your efforts will soon be rewarded.

5) Good luck

Cicadas are believed to represent good fortune

They are seen as a token of goodwill from the universe, and anyone who embraces them will enjoy good health, prosperity, and abundance

6) Desire for Love

In the African tradition, when a young man or lady sees a cicada, it’s believed to be a reflection of their secret desire for love and romance.

This could also mean that these individuals are in the season for love and marriage

7) Direction

The cicada insect is seen as a creature of direction and clarity. Through it, the universe can speak to us about confusing situations. 

By listening to its chirping sound, the light in your soul will shine on your path – thus providing clarity to every gray area.

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Are cicadas a bad spiritual sign?

The negative energies from a cicada

No, cicadas are not a bad spiritual sign

When you see them, they are harbingers of good fortune, divine timing, and an accurate perception of the world around you. 

Additionally, these creatures supply inner strength to you. 

Whether dead or alive, the cicada insect is a good sign

Final Words

Cicadas are to be treated with kindness. Their gentle nature makes them the perfect spiritual channel to you. 

The 7 superstitions with other spiritual meanings in this article are your guiding light. By paying attention to them, you will be ushered into your unique truth concerning the significance of cicadas to your life. 

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