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9 Spiritual Meaning of Millipede in the House: Black & Red

9 Spiritual Meaning of Millipede in the House

My first encounter with a millipede happened in school. I came across it on the floor and looked at it intently.

A teacher who was passing by asked me what I was looking at and I replied “This weird-looking insect.” 

The teacher looked at it and said “It’s a millipede, which isn’t an insect but more like a seafood and related to crayfish and lobster.” I was bewildered, of course.

I was eating a yummy lunch a few days ago consisting of crayfish, shrimp, and lobsters. This took me back to my first encounter with millipedes.

As homage to the time when I learned that they weren’t insects, here’s a post on the spiritual meanings of millipedes, especially if you found them at home.

Millipede Spiritual Meaning


A millipede is a reminder from the heavens to never jump to conclusions.

We should instead gather all the details and data, and only then make a decision or form an opinion.

Think of the millipede and how often we mistake them for insects.

They may be everywhere, but not a lot of people know that they are more related to seafood.

Many also fear them but they cannot harm people.

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Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a Millipede

Millipede in the wall

Seeing a black millipede:

When you see a black millipede, this is because the heavens are telling you to clean up your mess.

You can take this message literally, which means you may be cleaning your room, house, or car. 

You can also take this message figuratively by keeping order in your life.

This could mean:

  • Organizing your schedule;
  • Making up with people you have hurt;
  • Fixing problems that you created.

Seeing a red millipede:

Red millipede

When you see a red millipede it is because the ones above are telling you that you will have an unusual adventure.

This could mean that you may be trying out a new activity or visiting a new place.

The new activity or place doesn’t have to be something exotic or rare. It is something that you may never have tried before like attending a pottery class or a new beach you’ve been to before.

Seeing a yellow millipede:

Yellow millipede

When you see a yellow millipede this is because the heavens are telling you that someone will reconcile with you soon. 

This person could be: 

  • Immediate family member;
  • Relative;
  • Friend;
  • Churchmate;
  • Co-worker;
  • Classmate.

He or she will be the one to make the move to make peace with you.

The yellow millipede is heaven’s way of letting you know ahead of time so you can open up your heart, and eventually make peace with this person.

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Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a Millipede in the House

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a Millipede in the House

Seeing a millipede in the kitchen:

The heavens are telling you not to waste food when you see a millipede in your kitchen.

Sadly, many of us take for granted our blessings, especially our food. Many people grew up having so much on their plates, and thus do not know how hungry other people are.

Other individuals do not also know the hardships of farmers and other food producers and so they let food go to waste.

The millipede you see in your kitchen is a reminder to be grateful and never waste food again. 

Seeing a millipede in your room:

When you see a millipede in your room, then take this as a sign from the heavens that you should not be afraid to let people see the real you.

Too often, many people:

  • Pretend to be someone’s;
  • Act aloof so nobody gets close to them;
  • Pulls away when they find themselves opening up to other people.

The causes for these behaviors vary but the outcomes are the same.

People pull away from close relationships because of different reasons.

Let the millipede you spot in your room be a reminder to allow others to see the authentic you.

Seeing a millipede in the bedroom:

When you see a millipede in the bedroom, it could be a reminder from the ones above to choose your partner well

As they say, your life partner is someone whom you will share a bed with, eat meals with, split your money with, raise the kids and share life’s ups and downs.

The heavens want a partner for you who will bring out the best in you so you must choose well.

Seeing a millipede in the bathroom:

When you see a millipede in the bathroom, beware!

This could be a sign that your blessings will slowly drain away

You could, for example, encounter a medical emergency that could drain your savings and leave you unable to work.

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9 Spiritual Meanings of Seeing a Millipede in the House

Two White Millipede in the House

1) A trip to the mountains

When you see a millipede in the house, this could be a sign from the ones above that you will be going on a trip to the mountains.

This could be a hiking trip with friends or family or a business trip with your colleagues. You could also be lost on the road and find yourself near a mountain with a great view.

You may also be relocating to a place that is known as a beautiful mountainside.

2) A surprise visit

Seeing a millipede in the house could also mean that a visitor will soon come.

This person is a person you deeply love and care about. His or her visit would do you well as you are happy to be in the company of this person.

The heavens are probably warning you ahead of time about this visit so you could prepare well for it.

3) A new pet

If you are an animal lover, then rejoice when you see a millipede in your home. This is a sign from heaven that a new pet is coming.

The new pet could be a:

  • Fish;
  • Dog;
  • Cat;
  • Rabbit;
  • Hamster;
  • Snake;
  • Etc.

Other animals could also be your pet. The millipede you see is a message to open your heart and home soon to a new pet you will own.

This may be planned or unplanned but soon you will be a pet owner either for the first time or again.

4) A cold

The millipede you see could also mean that a cold is coming to your home or you will experience a cold place. 

This means that someone in your household could be catching a cold including yourself. Be careful and you may want to stock up on some cold medicines and other pain relievers. 

This sign could also mean that you or anyone living in your house could be traveling somewhere cold.

5) Take a rest

They say if you do not rest, then your body will choose a day when you should be resting. You may want to remember this thought when you see a millipede at home.

The heavens are telling you to take a much-deserved rest. Sadly, many of us are trying to do so many things at the same time, neglecting to take a much-needed break.

Get the rest you need is the message brought by the millipede.

6) A potential lover

If you are single and ready to mingle, then you might be meeting a potential lover soon.

The millipede is a sign from heaven that you might be meeting someone special soon.

This could be a person whom you have never met before. A total stranger who could sweep you off your feet. 

It could also be someone you’ve known before but never thought of as having romantic potential.

Be prepared to open up your heart and mind to a possible new lover.

7) Get in touch with family

If it has been some time when you last saw or conversed with a family member, then consider calling them after seeing a millipede in your home.

The heavens want you to value your family members so they sent the millipede as a reminder to keep in touch with loved ones, especially your family.

8) The Lord provides

If you are worried about provisions, then you encounter a millipede in your home, then take a message that the Lord will provide.

Do not worry about your needs because the Lord knows what they are along with what’s in your heart. He will give you what you need in His own time.

9) A reminder of your strength

When you are feeling down and wondering whether you can still go on, then remember that you have been blessed with some strength

The millipede in your house is a reminder from heaven that you are strong and you can face whatever tough challenges are coming and present in your life.

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Is Seeing a Millipede in the House Good Luck?

Orange and black Millipede

Not always.

Some signs are good luck, a message of good things to come soon.

Others are messages on how to become a better or stronger person.

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Final Words

Millipedes are not harmful to people and seeing a millipede in your house is not a strange thing.

Do not panic when you see one, but instead think of the message the universe is trying to tell you.

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