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Dead Cat Outside My House Superstition: 7 Spiritual Meanings

Dead Cat Outside My House Superstition: 7 Spiritual Meanings

Today I will talk about the spiritual meaning and some superstitions of finding a dead cat outside your house.

Growing up, I have heard of many superstitions about cats.

There’s the popular belief that crossing paths with a black cat will mean major bad luck. This comes from the ancient belief that black cats are actually demons pretending to be cats. 

This animal is also said to be at the beck and call of witches, and thus, they will do whatever the witches tell them to do.

Then there’s the belief that cats have nine lives. This was probably the first superstition I have ever heard. It was my mum who told me that cats have nine lives. I was surprised to hear this.

We had a cat at home, and upon learning that it has nine lives, I became obsessed with observing the cat.

I was waiting for it to either fall or get hurt.

I suppose I wanted to see the cat die and come back to the dead quickly. After all, the cat has nine lives! But this never happened.

Every time I see cats, I remember how I observed ours for days just to verify if it indeed has several lives. This memory brings a smile to my face every single time.

Now that I am older, I no longer spend time checking if the cat has died and resurrected. Instead, for this post, I will focus my efforts on discussing the superstition of having a dead cat outside your house and their superstitions.

I Found a Dead Cat Outside My House! What Does It Mean?

Stray black and white kitten

When you see a dead cat outside your house, then take this to mean that the universe is telling you to be careful otherwise there will be a catastrophe in the family.

This is heaven’s way of reminding you that tragedy can happen to anyone including to you and your loved ones. But sometimes, tragedy can be avoided if only we pay attention to our routines and the things around us.

For example, a tragedy can be a vehicular accident when your family is riding the family vehicle. This accident can result in serious injuries or even death.

But sometimes, this can be avoided if you have your vehicle regularly maintained or if you don’t allow a family member to drink and drive.

The tragedy can also be health-related.

A member of your family could get sick and pass it on to others.

This illness can leave some of the family members bedridden for days or even admitted to the hospital.

This can also be avoided by ensuring proper hygiene and regular disinfection of the house.

The dead cat you find outside your house is a stern warning from the heavens to check your ways.

A tragedy may strike your household, but you can also avoid them if you pay enough attention and take extra precautions.

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Spiritual Meaning of a Dead Black Cat Outside My House

Black cat outiside my house

People often associate black cats with bad luck.

In fact, as a child I was also told to stay away from black cats as being near them can mean bad things coming my way.

So, I did my best to avoid black cats, walking as far away from them as possible.

But black cats are not all that bad. When you see a dead black cat outside your house, then be happy.

This is a message from the ones above that soon you will receive an abundance of blessings.

The blessings can impact different aspects of your life such as: 

  • Financial possessions;
  • Career or professional aspirations;
  • Family life;
  • Romantic relationships;
  • Social activities;
  • Faith.

You could, for example, win a major prize in a raffle like a car, and be promoted at work shortly. You could also be receiving a pay raise and start dating again. You could be getting married and buying a house within the same year.

The ones above are rich and they can even shower us with blessings after blessings.

The black cat that’s dead and lying outside your house is a message that you will be receiving one blessing after another.

Make sure to prepare both your heart and mind to receive this blessing.

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7 Superstitions About Finding a Dead Cat Outside the House

Superstitions About Finding a Dead Cat Outside the House

1) Protection from evil spirits

When you find a dead cat right outside your house, then take this to mean that the heavens are reminding you that you are being protected from evil spirits.

The dead cat could be the one who took whatever the evil spirit has dished out.

This means that the evil thing tried to get to you, but it was the cat that received the harsh action of the evil spirit.

You were not harmed because the cat took the blow given by evil forces.

2) Ghosts roaming

A dead cat outside your house also means that ghosts are roaming around. The ghosts are so powerful that they cannot be easily disposed of.

The belief is that the cat saw these ghosts and tried negotiating with the ghosts to move away. But the ghosts are so powerful that they have zapped the life out of the cat.

The cat’s death wasn’t intentional but happened because of the roaming ghosts.

3) New friendships

A dead cat outside doesn’t mean bad luck all the time. Instead, it can also mean good things. 

The dead cat can signify the new friendships coming your way. They say it gets harder as you grow older to make deep connections and form strong friendships.

Being an adult means living busy lives so making new friends becomes more difficult.

The dead cat is a message from the universe that soon you will make a new friend.

This is not a mere acquaintance but rather a deep friendship for years to come.

4) A baby

A dead cat outside your home could also mean a new baby. If you are a couple who are praying for a baby, then rejoice, one would soon be on its way.

The new baby coming doesn’t have to be yours. It could be your sibling’s baby or your future grandchild. Someone in your family may also choose to adopt a newborn and give the baby a wonderful future.

The belief is that sometimes an animal has to die for a new life to emerge.

In this case, the life of the cat will be replaced by a new baby.

5) Quarrel

 If you find a dead cat outside your home, this could mean that you will soon fight with someone close to you.

This person could be your romantic partner, an immediate family member, a friend, or an officemate.

The fight will be an ugly one, a showdown of some sort.

The fight could involve a shouting match and would cause a crack in your relationship with the person you are in conflict with.

6) Backstabbing

Some people will stab you in the back regardless of how good you are to this person.

And when you find a dead cat outside your home, then take this to mean that someone will soon backstab you.

This betrayal could be quite painful as you care sincerely for this person.

The heavens are warning you of the backstabbing about to happen by sending the dead cat for you to find outside your house.

7) Change

When you see a dead cat outside your home, then this is a sign from heaven that change is coming.

The change can be a small thing, like a rerouting of your usual morning route to work. It could also be a major change like new work or position in the company.

Prepare your heart and mind for this change about to happen.

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I Found Two Dead Cats Outside My House! What Does It Mean?

Two stray cats together

When you see two cats dead outside your house, then begin preparing for some natural disasters

The dead cats signify that a major disturbance is coming that would leave you possibly without power or water for days.

It could also cause you to stay at home for the next few days.

The natural disaster could be:

  • Typhoon;
  • Earthquake;
  • Tsunami;
  • Tornado;
  • Flooding.

The list can be longer but the message is the same.

These two dead cats found outside your home are a warning to prepare for a natural disaster coming your way. You may want to stock up on some provisions, prepare your attic or basement and make possible repairs in areas of your house.

You can also prepare emotionally and spiritually as your whole neighborhood or even city may be affected and will need support in the aftermath of the disaster.

Should I Protect Myself Spiritually?

Gray and white cat

You can take steps to protect yourself spiritually such as praying to the ones above to be spared from bad luck or reading the word to calm your soul. 

However, taking these steps is not an assurance that you can avoid difficult things that may come your way.

Keep in mind that the heavens also send us trials to make us stronger.

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Final Words

There are plenty of superstitions and beliefs concerning cats. But when you see a dead cat in your house then remember that this incident is heaven’s way of telling you a message.

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