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Eye Itching Spiritual Meaning: Left and Right Eye 

Eye Itching Spiritual Meaning: Left and Right Eye 

My classmates used to scold me frequently. This is because I would scratch my eyes so hard whenever they were itchy. Sadly, they would be itchy often.

I would tell my classmates then, what can I do if my eyes are itchy? Why can’t I scratch them?

They would tell me it was alright to scratch my eyes but not as hard as I would. I wasn’t only scratching, they said. I was rubbing them hard and they were scared I’d hurt my eyes.

It was only a couple of days ago when I remembered these conversations.

Then it hit me, was there a message every time my eyes would itch? What could the heavens be telling me back then?

Now that I am studying spiritual messages, I can now share what the heavens were likely telling me when my left and right eyes itched.

What Does It Mean When Your Eye Itches Spiritually?

Eye Itches

When your eyes itch and jump it means that you may not be putting your eyes to good use.

  • When your eyes are itching in the morning: then this is a rebuke from the ones above because you are seeing something wrong but turn a blind eye to it. The heavens want you to put things right;
  • When your eyes are itching during lunch: then this is a sign from the universe to not overly eat or to not let your eyes do the eating. You may let your eyes eat first by getting more food than what you can actually consume;
  • When your eyes are itching in the afternoon: then this is a sign to worship the creator more. The heavens are displeased that you spend your days on many other things but do not take the time to worship the supreme being;
  • When your eyes are itching at night: then this is a warning to beware of what can happen in the darkness. The ones above remind you that many evil things can happen at night although it doesn’t mean that something bad will happen to you soon.

Spiritual Meaning of Right Eye Itching

Right Eye Itching

When your right eye is itching, then this is a sign that your psychic abilities are heightened these next few hours or days. It’s similar to the meaning of a twitching eyebrow.

You can soon feel that you are more aware of the spiritual vibrations of others as well as of their energies.

If you haven’t discovered your psychic abilities then it is likely that the right eye itching is a sign that you will soon be discovering your gift.

You will find out that you have psychic abilities or have a third eye and you will develop this gift. 

The right eye itching could also mean that the heavens are reminding you about your psychic abilities and how you must put them to good use. 

If you have been using your psychic abilities to hurt others, then the right eye itching is a warning from the ones above to stop doing this.

Quit using your abilities to harm others and instead find ways for them to be used as a blessing for others.

Spiritual Meaning of Left Eye Itching 

Left Eye Itching 

When your left eye is itching, then you may want to brace yourself for massive changes. This could be heaven’s way of telling you that you will soon experience a life-changing event.

The possibilities are wide-ranging.

It could pertain to your personal life such as deciding to get married or break off your engagement. It could be that you may soon be having a baby.

The life-changing event could also be related to your professional life. You may decide to quit your job and change careers completely.

You may also wish to quit working and do other things like pursue your interests or go back to school. You may also accept an offer to relocate.

You may then want to reflect on your recent life happenings and what your heart is telling you about a possible life-changing event.

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Spiritual Meaning of Itching Eyeball

Itching Eyeball

When your eyeball is itching then you may want to be extra vigilant.

This is a sign from the universe that harm or accident is coming your way. This is a bad omen.

 It could be that this harm coming your way could be quite catastrophic for you or your family.

You may then want to consider your daily routines and determine which can cause harm or pose a risk to you. You may also want to increase your prayers for protection.

Keep asking the heavens to protect you from harm and increase the number of times you ask for additional protection. You may also want to ask others to pray for you so you can avoid getting into harm’s way.

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Itching Eyes Spiritual Meaning for Female 

woman looking away

If you are a woman and you often are experiencing itchy eyes, then take this as a sign that you will be having problems with your fertility, pregnancy, or conception.

  • If you are trying to conceive and you experience frequent itchy eyes, then visit your doctor soon as this spirituality could be a warning of difficulties in conceiving;
  • If you are already in the early stages of pregnancy, then you have itchy eyes, then think of your pregnancy journey so far, and if any other beyond-usual feelings in your body need checking;
  • If you are neither with a child nor trying to conceive and your eyes are itchy all the time, then this could be a warning of a roller coaster ride you will experience once you start trying to have a baby.

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7 Superstitions About Eyes Itching 

7 Superstitions About Eyes Itching 

1) You’ve misused your eyes

In some cultures, it is believed that itchy eyes mean that you have misused your eyes.

For example, you may have taken advantage of someone using your eyes by watching them excessively or by not looking away when needed

There may be someone who is texting something private about their life. But rather than look away you continued to look at that private conversation.

You may have watched something that you are not supposed to see rather than look or walk away. And so the heavens made your eyes itch for missing your eyes.

2) A new rival

You may not know it but you have rivals. And when your eyes are itchy then this is a sign that you will soon have a new rival.

Perhaps this is someone from the family who will need more attention than you do. It could also be someone from work or school who will be competing with you.

3) Unexpected guest

It is believed that if your eyes are itching, then an unwanted guest is coming soon.

You will be caught off guard by your next visitor. Partly because he or she will be visiting unexpectedly or without consent.

Or this is due to the fact you dislike this person.

4) A little blessing

Many around the world believe that itchy eyes are a sign of good things to come, particularly, a little blessing coming your way soon.

This blessing isn’t life-changing like a baby you’ve been asking for or a big inheritance. It’s a small one but nevertheless can make a big difference in your day

5) A physical change

If you have itchy eyes, then a superstition says that you will undergo some physical transformation soon.

You may be cutting your hair in a different hairstyle that you’ve never tried before.

You may also find yourself losing more weight in the next few weeks or even the opposite like gaining significant pounds. 

You could also be chaining your wardrobe in the next few weeks and will be sporting a new style eventually.

6) Unraveling of secret

Is there a secret you’ve been hiding for quite some time now?

When you find yourself with itchy eyes and a secret hidden, then be brave. This could be a sign that whatever you are hiding will be unraveled soon.

As they say, the truth will set you free. The itchy eyes are a warning that the lie you’ve been keeping will be known soon enough and that you will be unburdened by it.

7) An impromptu trip

Your itchy eyes could be a sign that you will be going on an impromptu trip.

This means you will soon be packing your bags to go somewhere you didn’t expect to go to.

It is a last-minute trip because of your work or business or because a family member asked you to tag along.

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Is an Itchy Eye a Bad Spiritual Sign? 

man rubbing his eyes

Sometimes an itchy eye can be a bad spiritual sign of something unfortunate happening.

But other times it can be a good sign of nice things coming your way soon or strong reminders that you should never ignore.

Final Words 

Itchy eyes are quite common. But just because it happens to everyone doesn’t mean you should ignore it altogether.

Itchy eyes after all could be heaven’s way of sending you a message.

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