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Dead Turtle Spiritual Meaning: Is It Bad Luck?

Dead Turtle Spiritual Meaning: Is It Bad Luck?

I never liked turtles. I‘m not sure why I dislike them but I knew I couldn’t care much about this animal at an early age.

A classmate of mine had turtles at home as pets. One time I went to their home in grade school.

He took the turtles out and allowed them to freely roam his room while we were hanging out on his bed. 

I didn’t like being close to the turtles so I didn’t stay long at my classmate’s house. Not because I didn’t like hanging out with my friend but more like he refused to put the turtles away when I asked him to.

My nephew recently came to our house feeling sad. He needed cheering up, he said as his pet turtle died.

He knew I studied in depth the different spiritual meanings of things and so he asked me what the spiritual meaning of a dead turtle is.

We spent hours discussing all about dead turtles and I have decided to share the contents of our discussion in this post.

Spiritual Meaning of Finding a Dead Turtle

Finding a Dead Turtle

Sometimes not all dead things or animals are about bad luck or omens you should worry about.

A dead turtle spiritually means good news because it is likely a sign from the heavens that you will soon be achieving your goal, sooner than you planned or anticipated.

These could be because of different things such as:

  • A blessing that will fast-track your plans;
  • A drive to work harder to reach your goal faster;
  • An unanticipated opportunity that you will seize.

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Spiritual Meaning of My Dying Turtle

My Dying Turtle

Perhaps you are feeling sad as my nephew did because your turtle is dying.

But aside from losing your pet, be prepared for an illness in the family when you see your pet turtle dying. 

This is a warning from the heavens above that there is someone who will experience a long and tedious illness.

This animal of yours that’s dying is a warning that your family will see a member slowly losing his or her strength to an illness.

This is a serious illness that requires a lot of time, doctor visits, money, and resources and causes major emotional distress.

Prepare then for your heart and mind to see a loved one in pain and to be ready for the resources needed by this patient.

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Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a Dead Turtle in Dreams

Seeing a Dead Turtle in Dreams

It is possible to see a dead turtle in your dreams. If you recently lost a turtle through death, then this is simply a reflection of how much you miss your departed pet.

However, if you didn’t lose a turtle pet recently then your dream could be a departed loved one’s way of reaching out to you to share an important message.

This departed person may simply be telling you that he or she is well in the afterworld.

This is your beloved’s way of telling you not to worry about his or her spirit as the person is where he or she should be.

The loved one who is dead may be telling you or giving a clue about a mystery that he or she was trying to solve before his death.

In simple words, this person has an unfinished business and he or she is hoping that you can help with the unfinished business.

Your loved one who is in the world of the departed may just be showing you how he or she is missing you and that you are in this person’s thoughts all the time.

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7 Spiritual Meanings and Signs from a Dead Turtle

7 Spiritual Meanings and Sins from a Dead Turtle

1) A visit from your guardian angel

A dead turtle may be a sign that your guardian angel has just visited you.

Sometimes our assigned angels are not content seeing and observing us from afar and would devise a way to see us in person.

A dead turtle could mean that your guardian angel has already spent a significant amount of time with you even if you don’t know it.

Thus, do not be sad when you think of the dead turtle as this could mean that your angel was able to be and see you in person.

2) Care for the earth

Turtles, they say, are also symbols of the earth. It is not then surprising that one of the messages of a dead turtle is to care for the earth.

The death of a turtle then should prompt you to reflect on your habits and whether they are helping in caring for the earth or not.

Ask yourself what else can you do to protect nature.

3) Stop the gluttony

  • How much do you eat in a day?
  • What are your attitudes towards food?
  • Do you only eat enough to nourish your body or do you eat all the food you can get your hands on?

A dead turtle could also be a sign from the universe for you to remember that gluttony is a sin

The heavens never intended for us to simply eat to our heart’s delight every single time.

The dead turtle is a reminder to stop eating excessively as we also should honor our body. We need to remember that our body is our temple, too

4) Don’t be envious

Many times we compare ourselves to others thinking that other people have it better; they have better social lives, higher-paying jobs, or higher income.

If you are feeling this way then you experience your pet turtle dying or encounter any turtle that’s dead, then take this as a reminder from heaven to stop being envious.

Envying others is a sin that you must stop committing.

5) A reminder of your progress

Many people think that they are too old to change or do things as they are displeased with their progress in life.

The dead turtle is a nudge from the ones above for you to remember that we all have different timelines.

The heavens are the ones determining where we should be in our lives.

The dead turtle is a reminder that you are not slow in progress but exactly where you need to be.

6) A little blessing

The dead turtle could be a sign from the heavens that soon you will receive a blessing.

Don’t expect much as this is a small blessing that you will be grateful for.

It may not make you rich or solve all your problems but this small blessing will definitely help you.

7) A need for spiritual cleansing

Dead turtles are also signs that you are in need of spiritual cleansing.

Your heart has likely been burdened for some time now and you are feeling bitter towards people.

Your faith could also be weakening because of all the negativity that you have experienced or are surrounding you.

The dead turtle is a reminder too that you need to take care of your spiritual health as you might end up being spiritually empty or dead.

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Is It Bad Luck If a Turtle Dies?

turtle house

A turtle that died does not automatically mean that bad luck or news is coming.

Sometimes the heavens find a way to tell us to live better lives, more spiritually meaningful lives by allowing a turtle to die.

Other times, the death of a turtle is a sign of a good thing that has happened.

Final Words

Turtles are often portrayed as slow and many don’t like having them around like I do.

But regardless of whether we hate or love this reptile, this animal’s death brings us many spiritual meanings and messages.

If you own a turtle that just died, go on and grieve for a bit then reflect what the heavens are trying to tell you.

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