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June Beetle Spiritual Meaning: Is It Good Luck?

June Beetle Spiritual Meaning: Is It Good Luck?

Mention June Beetle and I remember my cousin. She was obsessed with beetles growing up, especially mature ones, called June beetles.

Sadly, her obsession included hurting the June beetles. It was never a fast death for the poor beetle, but rather a slow battle to death at the hands of my cousin.

Those were many decades ago, and I am relieved to say that my cousin no longer tortured and killed the June beetles.

Or at least she claims not to.

I bumped into this cousin some days back and she said she can’t wait to read my post about the June Beetle’s spiritual meanings.

She also said she hopes that the heavens will be quite forgiving of the way she hurt this beetle when she was a child.

What are June Beetles a Sign of?

Black june beetle

June beetles stand for a person’s strength and resilience.

This reddish-brown adult beetle represents a person’s ability to withstand pressure, hardships, and sorrows. 

Think of the beetles. They are small in size. which makes them highly vulnerable creatures. One step at them and they will be crushed to death.

They only have this shell to protect themselves. And yet despite all these traits they can survive and thrive.

This is why many say that when you are going through hardships, you must think of the adult beetles. 

I had an aunt (not related to the cousin who hurt June Beetles) who once told me that I should be like the adult beetles.

This was a conversation I had when I was going through a rough patch. I broke up with my partner and wasn’t doing well in school at that time. It was a low point for me.

So my aunt who was comforting me said, think of the June beetles.

They are small and prone to attacks but they have this resilience so they grow to be an adult. I am strong, she said.

And so are June beetles which should remind everyone of their resilience and strength regardless of their current circumstances.

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Spiritual Meaning of a June Beetle in House

Brown and green june beetle

A June Beetle in the House is a warning from heaven to do what is necessary to protect the innocent and uphold justice.

If you are responsible for kids, such as being a parent or a guardian, then this June Beetle at home is a sign to be vigilant about what people say or do in front of the kids.

You may also be careful of what they consume whether books or television shows as their innocence is of utmost importance to the ones above.

If you know of someone who is being unfairly accused, and you are in a position to help, then the June Beetle is a signal from the heavens to go out of your way to help the innocent person. 

Do not be afraid of the consequences of helping an innocent person because the heavens will guide you every step of the way.

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Spiritual Meaning of a Green June Beetle in House

Green June Beetle

A green June beetle in the house is a sign that the evil spirits are famished and clamoring for food.

This is why you may want to take extra precautions when you spot a green June beetle at home as both bad and good spirits are nearby and feeling famished. Sadly, bad spirits may harm you out of hunger or even anger.

Be careful then.

  • When you are cooking in the kitchen and you see the green June beetle, then pay attention to possible minor accidents such as hot soup or water accidentally spilling or flame being higher than usual.
  • When you are in other parts of the house with a child and see a green June beetle just appears, then take the kid elsewhere. Children are more prone to spiritual attacks.
  • When you are constantly seeing June beetles in green at home and encountering minor accidents, consider having the house blessed, making an offering, or praying more often for your home and family.

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7 Spiritual Meanings of Seeing a June Beetle

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a June Beetle

1) A pregnancy

When you see a June beetle this could be both a good and a bad sign.

It means someone close to you or you could be conceiving. The pregnancy journey, however, is not an ordinary one as the expecting mother and her family may be facing tougher challenges ahead.

  • The pregnant mother may have a difficult pregnancy as she might have suffered from other health conditions.
  • There might be a death in the family while the mother is pregnant with the baby causing her much grief.
  • There also might be a different kind of tragedy at home while the mother carries the baby. 

Seeing a June beetle is a sign of a new life, a baby coming but carried into the world with some major hardships endured by the mother.

2) A season of reaffirmation

Seeing a June beetle could also signify the start of a reaffirmation for you. This could cover one or several aspects of your life.

If you have been slacking off in your faith, failing to fulfill your promise to grow your faith, or going through your intended journey, then soon you may be reaffirming your spiritual growth.

You may spend more time at church, reading the word prayer.

  • If you have been slow in achieving your professional goals or for a time were feeling discouraged, then you will recommit to your goals and work harder to achieve what you want in your work or career.
  • If you are far off from where you intended to be in your personal career, then the beetle is a sign to restart your personal goals and make a clear plan on how to achieve them.

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3) A visit by your ancestors

When you see a June beetle, then this could mean a visit by one of your ancestors.

This is a departed person for at least a century now.

This dead ancestor is quite curious about what his or her legacy has been.

The person wants to know what the next generation means and if they are upholding the name of the family in a good way.

This visit by the dead ancestor is borne out of curiosity and envy. 

The person wishes he or she could be in the present times to help the younger generation be better than previous generations.

The visit by this departed relative from long ago is not meant to harm you and is simply a quiet inquiry into the person you have become.

4) Be content with what you have

If you have been complaining a lot lately, often wanting more than what you have, and you see a June beetle, then this is a rebuke from the heavens.

The ones above are unhappy with your complaints and unhappiness.

The heavens cannot understand why you are so wanting in many things and instead want you to focus on what you have and be grateful for them.

The beetle is a reminder to be content with your blessings especially since others have so much less.

5) An answered prayer

If you spot a June beetle, then rejoice. This could be a sign that the heavens will answer a prayer of yours.

Upon seeing a June beetle, ask yourself whether there is something you have been praying fervently for to the heavens.

You could also reflect if there is something that you truly desire in your heart but were too shy to ask from the ones above.

This is because you feel that you have already been blessed so much.

The June beetle could be a sign of good luck, or in this case, a signal from heaven that one of your biggest desires will soon be yours.

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6) Stop the cockiness

When you see a June beetle, then you may want to reflect on your attitude, specifically on your level of cockiness.

Do you often feel that you are better than others?

Are you the type to dislike spending time or being with others because you feel that they are inferior to you?

Seeing a June beetle could mean the heavens are displeased with your cockiness and want you to tone it down.

7) A luxurious vacation

When you see a June beetle, then it could be a sign of a good thing coming your way— a luxurious vacation.

The heavens may want to reward you for all your hard work, humility, or good work so someone will be spending your nice vacation.

This is meant to make you feel grateful and inspire you to do better in life.

Are June Bugs a Good Luck Sign?

Brown june beetle

Many times June Bugs signify good luck.

It could mean that something you truly desire will be granted. But adult beetle sightings could also mean a reminder from the heavens to do good in this world.

Seeing one could be heaven’s way of reminding you of spiritual lessons.

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Final Words

It isn’t easy to see June bugs, especially since they are not as common as other small creatures. That is why seeing them is quite a special treat.

The June beetles also bring important spiritual messages you should not ignore.

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